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Latest Instax not instant

Well what will they think of next! Well in time for Christmas gift-giving, Fujifilm has announced a new Instax camera, the Instax Pal, which doesn’t actually take instant photographs. The 4.9-meg digital camera requires the free app, instant film and an Instax printer – sold separately in Australia – for hard copy output.

‘Once created, the digitally stored images can be transferred to the Instax Pal App and then printed through an Instax Link smartphone printer,’ explains the press release.

The camera is described as ‘palm-sized’ but it’s even smaller than that. Perhaps designed for not yet quite fully grown palms. Local RRP is $149, except for the black version, which is $169. A compatible Instax Mini Link 2 printer is available locally for $179.

The Instax Pal can be set to shoot in the mini, square or wide setting, ‘giving the customer a choice in printer.’

Key specifications

  • 4.9 megapixel camera
  • 16.25mm equiv wide-angle lens
  • Up to 50 images with built-in storage
  • 1 USB-C port
  • 1 Micro SD slot
  • Approx. 350 shots on a charge
  • Bundle includes camera, printer, downloadable app; uses Instax Mini film
  • RRP $149 ($169 for black version)

Fujifilm US press release:

Digital Image Creation in the Palm of Your Hand Is a Snap with Fujifilm’s New Instax Pal  digital camera & Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

VALHALLA, NY – Fujfilm North America Corporation announces the launch of the INSTAX PAL™ digital camera and INSTAX MINI LINK™ 2 Smartphone Printer Bundle, for ages 13+. INSTAX PAL is a unique, palm-sized digital camera — the first all-digital camera in the INSTAX product line-up — designed to capture life’s spontaneous moments for photo printing on INSTAX instant film via an INSTAX printing device1. With the INSTAX PAL digital camera, image makers can snap photos digitally and then utilize the free, downloadable INSTAX PAL Smartphone App to add fun photo effects, including filters, text and in-App stickers.

Once created, the digitally stored images can be transferred to the INSTAX PAL App and then printed through an INSTAX LINK Series Smartphone printer (the INSTAX MINI LINK, SQUARE LINK, or LINK WIDE) or through the INSTAX MINI EVO and INSTAX MINI LIPLAY hybrid instant cameras, providing versatility to print on INSTAX instant film (sold separately) in any of the available INSTAX MINI, SQUARE, or WIDE formats. The INSTAX PAL App can also directly share your transferred and stored digital images to social media.

“The INSTAX PAL digital camera and INSTAX MINI LINK 2 Smartphone Printer Bundle is a great option for those who want to capture images digitally with the ability to print on INSTAX instant film at their convenience,” said Bing Liem, president, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “INSTAX PAL’s small-form factor enables users to capture images on the go, and then decide which ones to print and enhance later with the INSTAX PAL Smartphone App. We’re excited for our INSTAX consumers to buddy up with the first all-digital INSTAX offering — the INSTAX PAL digital camera and INSTAX MINI LINK 2 Smartphone Bundle!”

Exciting INSTAX PAL camera and App features include:

Remote Shooting: The dedicated INSTAX PAL Smartphone App enables users to be part of the photo by using the Remote Shooting feature and controlling the “snap” with their Smartphone. The App also allows users to check image composition via their Smartphone before snapping the photo with the INSTAX PAL camera.

Interval Shooting: Allows the user to take 3, 6, 11 or 21 continuous images at 3-second intervals, which upon App transfer, can then be reviewed and edited in the INSTAX PAL App before printing.

INSTAX Animation: Combines multiple, App transferred INSTAX PAL images into an animation, similar to a flipbook. If the user prints the INSTAX Animation, a QR code is printed on the INSTAX photo. Users can then scan the QR code with their Smartphone to play the animation back.

L [Link] Mode: By selecting “L” Mode on the bottom panel, the INSTAX PAL will connect (via Bluetooth) directly to the INSTAX MINI LINK 2 Smartphone printer provided in the bundle, allowing your photos to be printed at the “snap.”

Wide Angle Lens and Flash: Makes INSTAX PAL perfect for group photos or freezing the perfect landscape image in time. An App controlled flash is also provided, to ensure the photo lighting will be just right.

Multi-Use Detachable Ring: Can be used with the INSTAX PAL as a finger strap, as a simple viewfinder, or as a camera stand when shooting images remotely.

The INSTAX PAL camera can hold up to 50 images in its memory (prior to required App transfer), with the capacity for additional storage via a Micro SD card (sold separately). Additionally, personal audio can be recorded and set as the camera’s pre-shutter sound/phrase, creating personalization for every user to be played at the “snap”.

The INSTAX PAL user can also utilize the App to choose from 18 creative filters, add text to the image, and/or customize the INSTAX photo with in-App stickers before printing. When ready to print on INSTAX instant film through the INSTAX PAL App, users can select pairing with the downloaded App for the bundle provided INSTAX MINI LINK 2 Smartphone printer, another INSTAX LINK Series Smartphone printer, or an INSTAX MINI EVO or INSTAX MINI LIPLAY hybrid instant camera device. Printing on INSTAX instant film is required, and certain image transfer and printing limitations apply.




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