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Much ado about nothing

The more sophisticated photo companies have realised that the corollary of photo websites running absolutely anything which arrives in their in trays, is that they…

What’s wrong with this picture?

Dear TIPA, I was scratching around for content for our website when I came across a report on the Digital Imaging Reporter website that the 30th Technical Imaging Press Association World Assembly took place in April, although Covid restrictions mandated that it be via Zoom. The story was accompanied by the image below of the virtual meeting:

On Ryan Schembri and the AIPP

It’s not often that one of the golden boys of professional wedding photography in Australia receives negative press. According to the Sydney Morning Herald there are up to 30 wedding couples and business associates who are thousands of dollars out of pocket by the former AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer, Ryan Schembri.

Too many in the lifeboat?

With the contraction of the camera market continuing, albeit at a slower pace, most camera company executives would probably like to see one or two fewer camera brands competing for the shrinking demand - so long as it wasn't the one they are employed by!

Clowns upvote AIPP moves

Some clown - or perhaps a whole troupe of clowns - who have an interest in promoting the controversial changes at the AIPP have decided to corrupt the results of our latest Poll which asked: Will the AIPP's new structural changes benefit the Australian professional photographic community?