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Modern inkjets ‘as good as it gets’

Keith Cooper from UK commercial photo studio Northlight Images, has been reviewing photo quality inkjet printers for over 10 years and has come to the conclusion that, all other things being equal, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between the same image printed on two current release printers using identical paper stock.


A concise round-up of new product updates, international snippets and other interesting stuff from the wonderful world of photography: 50 not out for Camera Electronic... New Olympus camera not for A/NZ... Pano Awards roll around again...

One photographer, 11 cameras!

Nikon Australia has announced a new service for professional photographers in the form of NX Field, a remote shooting system allowing users to link multiple Nikon digital SLR cameras, operate and adjust settings, and automatically upload images captured with the cameras to an FTP server.