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Fact check on bushfire photo

Powerful and horrendous Australian bushfire images have captivated audiences across the world, but one award-winning image currently in circulation on social media was captured seven years ago.

The image is by Tasmanian resident, Tim Holmes, and was first published by ABC in January 2013 to cover the bushfires in Dunalley, a small Tasmanian fishing village. It shows Tim's wife and their five grandchildren taking refuge under a jetty.

Quixotic quest ends in Australia

New York-based commercial photographer, Thorsten Roth, had no idea he was undertaking 'mission impossible' in attempting to track down 20 litres of discontinued professional paper developer, Tetenal Centrabrom S.
A year ago there was a steady supply of the paper developer, but it quickly became scarce after the 150-year-old German photo chemistry manufacturer went bankrupt and discontinued production.