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Print the best, file the rest

Most photo collections are a mish-mash of digital image files and folders on a PC, external disc - or worse still, a smartphone - more often than not without a backup and in constant danger of damage, corruption, or catastrophic failure.
A silver lining at the edge of the Covid cloud is that Australians stuck at home can finally carve out the time to organise their photo collections - before it is too late. And there's nothing more certain than the fact that one day, it will be too late.

Crowded beach photos or Covid clickbait?

News photos captured with a telephoto lens showing overcrowded beaches during Covid restrictions have been accused of being misleading, as lens compression distorts the distance between subjects. Press photographers and photojournalists are expected to follow a strict code of ethics to ensure the scenes they capture is as close to representing reality as possible.

IPIC 2020 confronts Covid

The first IPIC virtual conference took place August 19-26 this year, with a record number of members registering, a strong trade show component and no less than 64 sessions (most of them held in the wee hours of the morning here in Australia and New Zealand).

Photo workshops become a virtual landscape

With photography workshops and tours hindered by restrictions on travel and public gatherings, operators have had to either invent new ways to deliver education or jump on JobKeeper.

Education is a primary income stream for many established Australian landscape photographers, with the primary product being photo tours and workshops. Escorting groups of enthusiast and hobbyists to scenic locations to teach them various photographic skills is a proven and growing business.