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Inside Imaging

IPIC 2020: Virtual photo booths

Specialist photo retailers and professional photographers seeking new revenue streams (particularly in country areas, where you need to be all things to all people to pay the bills) have been dipping their toes into event and local sports photography and hiring out photo booth set ups for informal photo sessions.

To print or publish during Covid?

Self-publishing photo books has provided a new and accessible alternative for photographers seeking to showcase a project, circumventing the challenges of Covid-19 lockdowns.

The explosion of independent self-publishing has demolished the barriers to entry thrown up by risk-adverse book publishers, resulting in a fantastic new range of high quality and affordable photo books. It's left many a photographer with a finished body of work asking themselves: 'Do I print this into an exhibition, or publish a photo book?'

Nikon announces second-gen Zeds

Nikon has announced the Nikon Z6II and Z7II, with local availability in November (Z6II) and December. In the absence of pricing details from Nikon Australia, the US pricing (+ GST) equates locally to $3100 for the Z6II and $4625 for the Z7II.