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‘Buy Now’ the mantra for 2021

While supply disruption swirls around the photographic market at present, one certainty is that we are now in a seller's market, with demand for popular cameras and lenses outstripping supply, and punishing increases in shipping costs adding to the pressure on prices.

Sony Alpha 7 IV debuts

Sony Australia has announced the Alpha 7 IV interchangeable-lens camera (RRP, $4299) with a newly developed 33-megapixel full-frame image sensor, as well as two new…

PRODUCT MUSTER: October 2021

Our comprehensive new product section includes a basic overview along with full press releases from all distributors: New tripods feature 'beautiful colourways'...18-400mm for Nikon Z APS-C...Smartphone instant prints get bigger...All new 70-200mm f2.8 for Sony FE...Tamron unveils three zooms for Sony, one for Fujifilm... Brands Australia take 1shot at reusable

WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH: Samyang lenses?

Samyang, a third-party South Korean lens manufacturer of affordable lenses, has come into its own in the last decade, characterised by expansion into new global markets while extending its lens range to most camera mounts.

Based on Samyang's recent emergence, a casual observer would be forgiven for assuming the company launched sometime after the digital photography revolution, along with the cohort of cheap third-party lens manufacturers like Yongnuo, Laowa, or Meike.