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CANON EOS R3: Announced in April 2021, Canon’s EOS R3 is the highest-featured model in the R-series and will meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of sports photographers and many photojournalists who need to shoot professional-standard stills and video.

The sleazy side of glamour photography

There is an unusual tendency for some men, of a certain age, to pick up a camera and decide their new passion is boudoir and glamour photography.

Taking up new hobbies and interests later in life is encouraged- especially as people head towards retirement age. Maybe it's a hands-on skill like carpentry, a physical activity like jogging or golf, getting activated with local community groups, or buying a new camera to take up photography.

Perhaps the photographic speciality will be in macro, landscapes, family portraiture, travel, or birds and wildlife. Each has its own set of challenges to master. But some are drawn exclusively toward portraiture of young models.

REVIEW: Sony α7 IV

SONY α7 IV: The latest iteration in Sony’s Alpha 7 series of general-purpose cameras boasts a new sensor and improved video capabilities and includes many features shared with the flagship Alpha 1.