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Inside Imaging

Coronavirus impact hard to gauge

As Chinese manufacturing is set to resume after a prolonged halt due to the Lunar New Year and then coronavirus, it remains unclear how severely the Australian photo industry supply chain will be affected.

Chinese manufacturing plays a huge role in the supply chain of almost every tech industry. While most major photo imaging companies are based in Japan, many rely on either assembling products in China or sourcing parts from the region.

Nikon D6 arrives in March

Nikon Australia has announced March availability of its new flagship DSLR, the D6. While we aren't supplied with local pricing, the camera is US$6500 body only, which would be just under $10,000 excluding GST.

New compact DNP dye-sub coming

Local distributor JA Davey has confirmed it will be shipping the DNP QW410, a new compact dye-sub printer with notably lower power consumption and much smaller size and weight than other commercial dye-subs on the market.

Is it time to cancel Adobe?

'Over the last few years, it seems like it’s become really cool to hate Adobe; kind of like how it’s cool to hate Coldplay,' Dawood wrote. 'Except the main difference is that Coldplay really does suck.'

Now, nothing against Coldplay, but people’s livelihoods don’t rely on Coldplay. They’re reliant on how Adobe sets its prices and changes things at will with fairly little consultation, and a ton of obfuscation.


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