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AIPP: How did we get here?

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), the last great Australian photo industry body, has officially closed due to impending insolvency. But this is far from the first time the Institute came dangerously close to crashing after burning through its cash.

At the start of the Millennium - before digital photography and online technology dramatically altered working photography - the AIPP was close to broke and on its knees.

Nearly storewide not storewide: ACCC

Digital Imaging Express Pty Ltd, trading as DigiDirect, has paid $39,240 in penalties after the ACCC issued the company three infringement notices for allegedly misleading consumers about the details of advertised sales in breach of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Remembering Peter Foeden: 1930 – 2021

Peter Foeden, a legend of Australian photography, passed away on October 11 at 91 years old. He is admired and cherished for being a deep thinker and innovator, who selflessly guided Australian photography to new levels of excellence.

'Peter was, a tall trim figure mostly immaculately dressed in grey. Quietly spoken but extremely articulate,' said Paul Curtis. 'He influenced a whole generation of photographers with both his lectures and his ready help and advice to his Nulab professional photography clients. He played a major role in establishing the high standard of professional photography in Australia.'

Photographers deserve to earn more again!

The photography industry constantly shifts as technology continuously advances. Photographers have shown resilience, creativity, and brilliance in adapting to changes in our industry. Like chameleons, we've changed with our environment to survive and thrive. It's inspiring to see the way photographers have risen to new and ever-evolving challenges in the industry.

School photography by the book

A streamlined workflow is essential in high volume photography. Anything that puts 'sand in the cogs' of the machine (business workflow) slows down the process costing time and money, through retouching, customer service, retakes and potentially loss of clients.


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