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Fujifilm unveils Instax Mini Link 2

Fujifilm has announced the Instax Mini Link 2, a portable instax printer for smart phone images, will be available from July 28 with an RRP of $179.

A few spicy jalapenos and instax prints.

The wild popularity of Fujifilm Instax products manifests in many curious ways, including the ability to make fun-sized instant prints from smart phone pictures. Users connect their smart phone to the printer loaded with instax film via the Mini Link app.

To make it more appealing to the Zoomer generation, with their Snapchat filters and TikTok editing, users are able to ‘let that inner artist shine’ through the new instaxAIR feature. This is activated by pressing a button on the printer and pointing an LED light towards the smart phone, and users can then draw doodles on the prints.

But wait, there’s more! Users can record a 15 minute video – a ‘story’, ‘reel’, or ‘snap’, if you will – and print a QR code onto the instax print, which can be scanned with a smartphone to watch the video. Nifty!

And forget about online dating apps like Tinder or Hinge. With the Mini Link Match Test function users can snap a selfie with a friend (or love interest), answer a few questions, and the app will randomly generate a ‘compatibility’ rating.

Here’s the press release.

Creativity is in the AiR with the new instax mini Link 2
Fujifilm has announced the latest addition to its much-loved smartphone printing range with the new instax mini Link 2. In an increasingly digital world, the instax printer range allows users to print their favourite  images from anywhere, anytime directly from their smartphone using its own dedicated instax mini Link app*1 onto instax’s iconic instant film. 

The mini Link 2 is instax’s most creative smartphone printer yet, combining the real and virtual world with  the new instaxAiR feature that gives users the ability to draw “in the air” with the printer. Fujifilm is also  releasing new instax mini film in a vibrant Spray Art design. 

Mary Georgievski, General Manager, Photo Imaging at Fujifilm Australia says the launch will take  smartphone printing to new heights. ‘We’re incredibly excited to bring the mini Link 2 to market. With the  new instaxAiR feature, our customers can bring an extra level of creativity to their instant prints, allowing  them to truly personalise their images in a way like never before.’

True to the iconic mini Link style, the mini Link 2 is compact and sleek and will be available in three colours;  Clay White, Soft Pink, and Space Blue. But the mini Link 2 isn’t just a thing of beauty, it’s jammed packed  with fun, too. Boasting the favourite features available on the original instax mini Link, such as simple  printing of smartphone photos, Collage Print and Sketch, Edit & Print, the mini Link 2 brings new features,  including: 


It’s never been easier to let that inner artist shine than with the new instaxAiR feature available on the mini  Link 2. Users can create their own works of art simply by holding a button on the printer and pointing the  LED light towards the smartphone. The drawing will be added to the mini Link app’s screen as an AR  effect, ready for printing. The app comes with five brush effects, including spray can, petals and bubbles. 

For those who prefer to have more control over their artistic creations, users can also draw directly onto  the photo in the mini Link app using their finger instead of the printer. 

The best part? The instaxAiR feature also gives users the ability to record a 15 second video clip and print  a QR code directly onto the instax print. Simply scan the code with your smartphone to watch and relive  the artistic moment. 

Draw in AiR function QR code addition function Draw on smartphone function


Sometimes our favourite memories are captured on video, and with the mini Link 2’s Video Print function,  users can open a video saved on their smartphone and select the exact moment they want to print out on  instax film. 


First featured on the original mini Link in 2019, the Match Test function allows users to take a test to find  out how compatible they are with another person. With the mini Link 2, Match Test is back and better than  ever with the new “Go with your instinct” mode. Both the user and their friend choose a colour based on  their mood and the mini Link 2 will print their compatibility score and chosen colours onto an instax photo. 


Alongside the printer, Fujifilm is releasing a new instax mini Spray Art film that adds a vibrant, edgy feel to  instant prints and allows them to channel their inner street artist. Compatible with all instax mini products,  the new film is a dynamic addition to Fujifilm’s growing range of themed film. 


The Fujifilm instax mini Link 2 will be available from July 28, 2022. $179.00 SRP 

The new Fujifilm instax mini Spray Art Film will be available from July 28, 2022. $19.95 SRP 

For more information, please visit 

*1 A free app compatible with Android phones and iPhones. The app can be downloaded from Google Play (Android) and App  Store (iPhones). Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. iPhone and App Store are  trademarks of Apple Inc. The iPhone trademark is used in Japan under license from iphone Co., Ltd.   

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