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‘Kiosk killer’ comes to Australia

Independent Photographic  Supplies is bringing the app-based Pixolo PrintCube system to Australia.

Making prints (from smartphones) instant and fun again, as well as now empowering customers to create a wide variety of amazing photo gifts: Pixolo PrintCube consists of a compact dye-sub printer with proprietary Pixolo firmware and pixolo-branded media, with the app and the customer’s smartphone playing the ‘traditional’ kiosk role.

The PrintCube printer has a footprint of just 47cm x 47cm, with multiple configuration options. Print time for a 6×4 is around 20 seconds.

Customers can create their orders on the app at any time or place, and visit their nearest PrintCube-supporting retailer to print their order instantly.

The customer opens the Pixolo app and selects a nearby store. They choose a product and a format for their chosen photos. After placing the order they receive a QR code which they simply hold in front of the printer in the store.

‘As this is app based, the typical touchscreen kiosk interface is replaced by the consumer’s mobile phone, the very device they use to capture and store their images on, not to mention carry with them everywhere,’ explained iPhoto managing director, Stuart Holmes.

‘This reduces the cost of entry for retailers, by negating the need for expensive touchscreen PCs and the associated service costs.’

It also eliminates the time consumed helping customers complete their orders on a kiosk.

After placing an order, customers have 48 hours to visit a store, with a QR code on the smartphone linking with the PrintCube to produce the order.

The Pixolo app encourages customers to upgrade their order. Pixolo offers a range of photo gifts ranging from frames to magnetic stickers and photo cards.  Photo strips – reminiacent of photo booth kiosk strips, can print two strips of three photos on a 6×4.
‘The range of pixolo instant photo gift accessories, allow consumers to create gifts they can take away with them there and then,’ said Stuart Holmes. ‘From a retailers perspective this increases the average order value usually associated with instant prints. In Europe Pixolo has typically seen a 40 percent increase attributed to the photo-gifting range. ‘

Pixolo, originally operating under the PrintCube brand, is based in Europe, with a presence in the US and now Australia and New Zealand. The company has installed 3000 PrintCubes across Europe in around three years.

Every PrintCube is connected to the internet, so operators can monitor the PrintCube in real time via the Cloud Print Hub, a web-based monitoring and reporting application. This allows retailers to monitor the PrintCube’s status, commercial performance, and update pricing and promotions from literally anywhere.

IPS is offering the base unit a PrintCube printer, interface and media (the complete business in a box) for $4995 + GST and freight. This represents a $1000 saving on the start-up kit range of Pixolo retail photo products.

There is no on-going click rate – the retailer sets their own pricing and operating margins.

There is a range of optional extras such as different stand options (tv legs or metal plinth) and a slat board.

For more information please contract: Bruno Polito (02) 9875 2244 or




  1. Phil G Phil G November 10, 2022

    Covid was the kiosk killer over the years we went from 16 to zero, we just didn’t want customers in the store for a few prints and wasting staff time. I know it’s harsh and it goes against everything we said about customer service and retention. We also stopped passport/visa photos, the the 90’s it paid half a months rent or more, another time waster for us.

    Like many we are so busy with analog while printing from film and print and enlargements with ordering continues to grow.

  2. Hank Miller Hank Miller November 11, 2022

    Good that there is something new but introducing a system with just 700 deployments since the introduction in 2018 as a “killer” sounds quite strange. Data can be found at the Pixolo app. Nice design but difficult workflow and business case.

    • Keith Shipton Keith Shipton Post author | November 11, 2022

      Take your point Hank, though Pixolo claims over 3000 installations. I just couldn’t resist the alliteration, to be honest. Never let precision get in the way of a catchy headline – that’s how we roll here at Inside Imaging!

      • Hank Hank November 22, 2022

        True and well done, Keith. This is how you got my attention 😉
        Instand and passport (@Phil) is a good biz to be in these days

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