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Noritsu to launch super-compact QSS range

Noritsu Precision Co will show its compact new QSS Smart lineup at Photokina, with availability slated for this (northern) autumn.
20160831_qsssmart2_eng-(1)The new QSS Smart printers are distinguished by a remarkably small footprint – the 8-inch model (DR-08) is just 460x500mm (.23 sqm), while the 12-inch model (DR-12) is 500mmx560mm (.28 sqm). Noritsu sees the printers being used to augment an existing retail print system or as building blocks for a start-up photo business. They would be ideal for event photography or similar applications where lightweight portability is required.

The DR-08 will print to 8×12-inch and the DR-12 to 12×18-inch. For panorama prints, maximum paper advance is 2 metres (78 inches).

They can be easily incorporated into a retail printing network, using Noritsu EZ Controller software for advanced image correction, or easy output with a printer driver for a Windows application.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to obtain details such as price, throughput, inkset. etc. At the IPI conference in July, Ron Kubara, Noritsu’s director, WorldWide Strategic Sales & Planning, indicated that the new Noritsu technology would bring retail inkjet photo printing close to – or even possibly under – the cost of silver halide technology. He hinted the new printers would be game-changers.

‘This is all I can say for now as we are saving all other information for Photokina , and there will be additional new products as well,’ he told PhotoCounter this week.

The QSS Smart printers will be demonstrated on the Noritsu booth at  Photokina, September 20-25.



  1. Hugh Hugh April 1, 2017

    Hi I would like to know the price for a QSS Smart 12 inch printer

  2. VOR VOR April 24, 2017

    Good Luck!

  3. peter kazmer peter kazmer March 11, 2019

    Hi I would like to know the price for a QSS Smart 12 inch printer

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