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Noritsu moves house, announces low-cost wet lab

After 23 years in the same location, Noritsu Australia has moved to new premises in the southern Sydney suburb of Taren Point.

The new premises (pictured right) are at 48 A Alexander Ave, Taren Point, NSW 2229. Phone and fax contacts remain the same at 02 93172141 and 02 9317 2139 (fax).

‘The move was made due to high cost of the old lease and the oversize of the old premises. We didnt need to pay for the space we were not using so we deciced to make a smart decision and save money,’ said David Small, Noritsu Australia.

‘It will be business as usual from now on for many years to come,’ he said.

Noritsu Australia will be offering the newly-announced QSS-3800 (pictured below left) and QSS-3801HD labs from the new Taren Point premises.

‘We are seeing a clear market need for dry. At the same time, our customers have reminded us that there is still a substantial demand for silver halide equipment, due to its excellent quality and low running costs. We developed the QSS-38 series to fulfill this demand,’ said Masataka Aoyagi, president, NK Works Co Ltd., Nortisu group.

‘Our goal with the QSS-3800 was to make the initial cost as attractive as possible without sacrificing quality,

‘The QSS-3801HD is more feature-rich, but is priced very competitively for a minilab of its calibre.’

Key features:

High quality laser engine:  The QSS-3800 employs a high quality 300dpi laser engine that produces beautiful prints. The QSS-3801HD has a high definition 640dpi laser engine that takes the print quality to an even higher level.

Thin paper compatibility: The QSS-38 series supports thin paper (160 micrometres), giving it an advantage over previous models.

Space-saving design: The top of the QSS-3800/3801HD is the same level all the way across, making a wide flat surface on which the EZ Controller can be installed. This enables a configuration that takes up 40 percent less space than when the EZ Controller is placed on a separate table.

High speed enlargements: The QSS-3801HD has a 6×4-inch  print capacity of 1480 prints per hour, and the QSS-3800’s capacity is 740 prints per hour. Both models are capable of producing an impressive 420 print per hour for the 10×8-inch size and 350 prints per hour for the 12×10-inch size.

Prints to 914.4mm (36 inches): Maximum paper width is 305mm (12 inches) and the maximum paper advance length is 914.4mm (36 inches), making it possible to provide a wide variety of print services.

‘AccuSmart’ correction, Raw file processing: Noritsu’s image processing technology ‘AccuSmart’ automatically corrects images portraying various scenes, applying a wide range of correction tools such as colour correction, backlit scene correction, noise reduction, lens aberration correction and red-eye removal. Furthermore, with the EZ Controller you can easily process raw images and then apply AccuSmart technology to turn them into ultra high quality prints.

Built-in colorimeter:  The colorimeter unit in the QSS-3801HD is built into the processor. This enables the setup print to be automatically fed into the colorimeter after it comes out of the dryer unit, eliminating the need for manual operations.

Noritsu Australia is taking orders for the QSS-38 series equipment now.

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