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PMA meeting at Digital Show

An industry meeting to discuss the future of PMA in Australia will be held to coincide with the Digital Show and the Camera House AGM in Melbourne on October 16.

PMA-Header-Logo-4The meeting has been organised on behalf of PMA by Paul Atkins (Atkins Photo Lab), and PMA CEO Georgia McCabe will travel from the US to attend.

The text of the invitation follows:
Paul Atkins invites to you a two hour meeting of those constructively interested in the PMA in Australia to be held to coincide with the Digital Show and Camera House’s AGM.

The intention of the gathering is twofold: Firstly to meet and hear from PMA International’s CEO Georgia McCabe about the direction PMA is taking; secondly, Australians with an interest in our local PMA need to form a plan for 2016. We need to consider, under the new organisational structure, what the we want to see happen here in Australia, and what we can do to make it happen.

3.00pm – Arrive
3.10pm – Welcome by Paul Atkins
3.15pm – Georgia McCabe:
– PMAI’s new administrative structure;
– PMAI’s new staff;
– The new website, communications, and forum;
– Report on conferences: Innovation Now, Mobile Photo Connect and PIX;
– PMA’s future direction and what value will be in it for Australian members.
3.55pm – Open discussion led by Paul Atkins with these talking points:
– What do Australian PMA members and potential members want?
– Is there need for an Australian conference? Will it be supported? Can it be pay for itself?
– Do we need a local e-newsletter, or is an Australian component of the PMAI news sufficient?
– How can we market PMA activities in Australia to attract members?
– The next step, do we need to form a local committee to work on these discussion points? Who will participate?
5.30pm – Finish

A venue is yet to be confirmed.

The meeting is open to non-PMA members. To attend, click here to register.

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