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Duplex 8×12 printer from DNP

JA Davey has flagged early 2015 availability of the DNP DS80-DX, a dye sublimation photo printer which produces both double-sided (duplex) and single-sided (simplex) prints up to 8×12 inches.

DS80-DXThe DS80-DX is effectively a duplex-capable version of the proven DNP DS80 printer. It expands dye-sub printing to products such as photobooks, calendars and double-sided cards, at a much higher quality than electro-static duplex printers.

Single-sided prints use roll-type receiver paper and duplex prints use sheet-type paper, which can be set at the same time, avoiding media switching and enabling a single printer to cater to both duplex and simplex demand. Media is loaded from the front of the printer.

It makes double-sided and single-sided prints from 8×4-inches through to 8×12 inches, at 300×300 in high speed mode and 300×600 in high res mode.

It will produce duplex 8×12 prints in 137 seconds and a a single-sided 8×12 in 39 seconds.

Gloss or matte finish can be chosen for either duplex or simplex prints. An overcoat finish makes the DS80-DX attractive for products such as photobooks, that demand a non-sticky print surface.

The DNP DS80-DX will be available in Australia first quarter 2015, with pricing to be released closer to release date. JA Davey says that it will be offered with a range of sofwate options for photo books, etc.

JA Davey has office locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland.


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