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Photo Direct to demo multi-printer DNP system

Photo Direct is keen for photo retailers and pro photographers to check out its DNP/DiLand printer and software combination at The Digital Show this weekend.

The DNP RX-1 prints at 4×6 and 6×8-inches.

While IPS is running a printer-shoot-out on its stand, Photo Direct reckons that DNP printers run by DiLand software, (adopted by Ted’s Cameras after its misadventure with HP) is another combination worth considering.

‘Output is unlimited, ease of use is as easy as “plug and play”, and value for money beats all others hands down, particularly when you take into account there are no service fees,’ noted Photo Direct marketing manager, Tracy Lints.

Photo Direct says the DNP solution comes into its own in the event of a break-down as  it’s simply a matter of switching orders to another in-store DNP printer while a swap out/replacement printer is conveniently and quickly delivered.

On top of all this the versatility of the DiLand software enables you to offer whatever products and service levels you choose, she said.

The DNP/DiLand solution from Photo Direct 'daisy-chains' an array of inexpensive dye-sub DNP printers.
The DNP/DiLand solution from Photo Direct ‘daisy-chains’ an array of inexpensive dye-sub DNP printers.

“If you’re looking for a new retail printing solution and really want to make a fully-informed decision make sure you visit Photo Direct on stand 94.  You can check out the superb quality of duplex and single-sided printing, the versatility of the software and ease of use for customer and staff, the small footprint and infinite speed of printing and understand why the DNP/Diland solution truly is the lowest capex solution for best return on investment in the industry,’ said Tracy.





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