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New Surelab smaller, faster, higher capacity

Epson has flagged that an upgrade to the Surelab D860, the Surelab D1060, will be available in Australia from November, starting at $6995 ex-GST.

Epson defines the D1060 as ‘built to address a range of customers from wedding and event photography, to retail in-store ad-hoc printing, to back-office print houses.’
It has a slightly smaller footprint, with reduced noise, lower heat output, and a faster print speed compared to the D860. There is also a 15-second one-off print mode for event applications. Ink cartridge volume has increased from 200Ml to 250Ml.

A new duplex unit enables automatic double-sided borderless printing for photobook and photo merchandise production.

The new SureLab D1060 delivers print speeds of up to 385 6×4-inch photos per hour at normal speed – up from 360 per hour for the D860.

When coupled with compatible Epson genuine photo media, prints are water, smudge and fade resistant – although Epson does not provide any guarantee or warranty on print durability

For single-sided printing, the machine uses 65m roll-based media available in a range of widths up to 210mm in a range of media weights and finishes.

The optional duplex tray uses double-sided sheet media, available in sizes from A5, up to 210x210mm. It comes with Epson OrderController Lite software. (The full version can be ordered separately at additional cost.) Flexible USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces makes connectivity easier while the reduced footprint and heat output are compatible with kiosk-based operations.

It has been rated as having double the print life of the D860 and comes with a comprehensive ‘heads-and-all’ on-site warranty that can be extended for up to five years.

In Australia the printer will be offered in two configurations: base unit only, or base unit plus duplex. The duplex unit will also be available as an option for those who wish to purchase it later.

The SureLab D1060 is expected to be available from November 2021 in Australia. A base printer with 5 year CoverPlus is expected to cost $6995 (ex-GST), while the version with the duplex unit is expected to cost $7995 (ex-GST). The duplex unit will also be available separately for $995 ex-GST.

‘These incredible A4 printers have revolutionized minilab and prolab printing in Australia and New Zealand and have most often been seen as a direct replacement for the previous ‘King of the Hill” Fuji Frontier Digital wetlabs,’ said Stuart Holmes, managing director of Australian and NZ Epson Surelab distributor, iPhoto. ‘There are literally hundreds of these compact Surelabs in the market successfully operating in the photo specialty print market as primary and even backup printers. The ability to easily change from gloss, lustre, fine art matte, metallic and even canvas paper media make them ideal for both professional and retail printing operations.’

He said that the D1060 duplex capabilities ‘will extend the long list of relevant “Unique Selling Propositions” along with  faster print times, even more PPH productivity (385 Prints per Hour) and actually doubling the printhead duty cycle to 400k Prints!’

iPhoto has developed proprietary ‘iPhoto Image Flow Software’ which enables an array of Surelab printers to be operated together.

‘Several Surelab D1060 Printers offer your business tremendous equipment redundancy rather than operating one large minilab, and presenting a smaller in-lab footprint,’ he noted.

The power savings over the Surelab 860 is 30 percent and it uses ‘less than 3 percent of the power of the smallest wet lab ever made by Fuji,’ said Stuart. While Frontiers run at something between 3500 – 5000 watts, the D1060 uses just 80w, representing power savings of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars annually.

Key features include:
New Ink System – UltraChrome D6r-S ink in high-capacity 250ml packs deliver better prints with finer gradation and a wider colour gamut, while reducing cost and waste.
Flexible Operation – Integrated output tray and waste bin. Integrated LCD panel for direct control, as well as an upgraded driver for desktop management (Windows & Mac OS compatible).  Supports Epson’s new Cloud Solution PORT service for remote monitoring and analysis. This allows access from a web-based interface in the office, from home, and from a mobile device when on the move.
Reduced Cost – Supplied complete with an ink set, sample media and a copy of Order Controller Lite. Features a 400,000 print life and backed with a comprehensive on-site warranty, with a CoverPlus solution for coverage up to 5 years.
Flexible Integration – Reduced 80W power consumption, and only 1.2W when in sleep. Connect easily to printer over Wi-Fi®, Ethernet or USB using redesigned printer driver for Windows® and Mac®
Small Footprint – Compact Simplex size (466 x 374 x 340cm), Duplex size (466 x 438 x 423cm), with a reduced heat output to suit desktop and kiosk operation.
Versatile Output – Designed to use Epson media that is available in a wide range of roll and single/double-sided sheet configurations, with gloss or luster finishes. Supports production of prints with a border and borderless. Panoramic prints can be produced up to 1000mm long on single-sided roll media.
Built for Reliable Operation – Requires minimum maintenance and features new ink-less nozzle detection and alignment technology.

Epson Surelab D1060



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