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New printers, ‘variable media’ from DNP

DNP snuck under the PhotoCounter radar with two interesting new dye sub printer releases at Photokina – one producing panoramas up to 8×32-inches and the other boasting a 20 percent speed increase on its predecessor.

dnp-ds-rx1hsDNP is also breaking new ground with dye-sub media, expanding the options, introducing a premium surface, and mixing matte and gloss surfaces on the same photographic print.

The DNP DS-RX1HS is a 6-inch dye-sublimation colour photo printer which replaces the DS-RX1. JA Davey, Australian distributor for DNP, tells PhotoCounter stock of the previous model have been cleared and they are taking orders for the new HS (‘high speed’) version.

The DS-RX1HS prints at up to 290 4×6-inch prints per hour compared to 249 prints for the RX1 printer. The printing time for 6×8-inch photos has come down by 5 seconds per print.

Additional features: include improved operational support with the addition of USB iSerial for printing to multiple RX1HS printers; and a new Status App for Windows OS to monitor the printer during operation.

The DS-RX1HS provides advanced status information from the driver, enabling users at any time to check remaining media, media format, printer status, printer life counter, colour control data, firmware version and serial number.

With a weight of just 14kg and the largest print capacity in its class (700 4×6-inch prints) the DS-RXHS is an ideal choice for event photography. It has a small footprint and is less than 30cm tall.

For ID photo booths, photo strips in the format 2×6 inch (5x15cm) are ideal for both fun events or formal passport photos.

The DS-RX1HS photo printing materials use less plastic than ever and come in recyclable packaging, while the ribbon spools are made of recycled materials. Both energy consumption and media waste were further optimised. It uses 25 percent less power, in peak, idle and running modes.

The printer features both a high speed mode (300x300dpi) and a high resolution mode (300x600dpi) in glossy or matte finishes.

‘With improved efficiency and operational support tools, the DS-RX1HS is perfect for a variety of applications from print-on-site workflows and photo booths to studio and retail operations,’ said Katsuyuki Oshima, President of DNP IAM.

DNP has also introduced a companion consumable ink ribbon and paper media set for the DS-RX1HS. The printer requires the new RX1HS media for printing, as current-generation RX1 media is not compatible. The media set includes 4×6-inch and 6×8-inch paper media with the option to produce two 2×6-inch strips on 4×6-inch prints or four 2×6-inch strips on 6×8-inch prints.

Panoramic prints, huge media choice
DNP also announced an all-new printer, the 8-inch DS820, which will be available from December.

dnp-ds820The DS820 can run two types of media: Pure Premium Digital and Standard Digital. With the improved gloss level and the high density output, Pure Premium Digital produces prints to meet the market demand of studio photographers. Standard Digital is more cost effective yet delivers high quality.

In addition to the classic photo finishes, matte and glossy, the DS820 offers ‘Fine Matte’ and ‘Luster’ finishes.

But perhaps the most versatile feature of the DS820 is its ability to ‘partial coat’. With this new exclusive finish, the new DNP printer offers the possibility to print, with only one media, different finishes on one single photo. A single print can have both matte and glossy finishes in different areas and can thus highlight specific elements (foreground, background, text…), or allow you to add a logo or brand name in a distinctive manner. Available with a SDK (Software Development Kit), this represents a new product for creative professionals to offer their customers.

The printer offers prints from 4×8 to 8×12 inches, including the trendy 8×8-inch square format. It also features the A4 format and a new panoramic format (with SDK) up to 8×32-inches, perfect to for showcasing landscapes.

A new rewind function enables the most efficient consumption of consumables and more efficient inventory control.

The DS820 will be compatible with DNP’s range of software products, including Party Print for event photo, the kiosk software Tomo v6.1, the Nexlab 6 order management software, and the software application Hot Folder Print for enhanced print workflows in studio and event applications. Printer drivers are available for Windows Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 as well as Mac 10.6 and newer.

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  1. VOR VOR October 31, 2016

    There’s a great advanced technology with great archival qualities we should all be in to!

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