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A/NZ webinar from Photo Direct
Photo Direct will run a webinar on Wednesday, May 26 with senior executive Steuart Meers (pictured right – the one wearing the jacket!) hosting a session discussing ‘the benefits of dry processing over wet, the high profit opportunity of customizable products’ (Gallerie Wrap and Photo Restoration) ‘and the critical role of online in diversifying and growing your business.’

Photo Direct says there will be time to ask questions. All retailers need to participate is access to a phone, internet connection and a computer screen. Each session runs for up to 20 minutes. Register in advance to get details of the log-in steps for the session, which will start at 9am Perth time, 11am Eastern Standard Time and 1pm in New Zealand.

To register your participation in the free webinar go to the Photo Direct website.

Outta there

Talking of Photo Direct, part owner Photo-Me International is having trouble with its succession plans following the sudden departure of its ‘CEO Designate’, Richard Seurat. He joined the company around six months ago with a view to becoming joint CEO, sharing the seat (uncomfortable, that) with current CEO Serge Crasnianski from May 1. However, his, how do you say, ‘abrupt’ departure last week ended that plan.

Crasnianski, who is deputy chairman, will continue to act as CEO.


Ixus turns 10

Canon Australia this month celebrates the 10thanniversary of its Ixus range of compact digital cameras. Introduced in May 2000, the original Digital Ixus represented a new generation of compact digital cameras.  

At the time of its launch, it was the world’s smallest and lightest digital camera with an optical zoom lens in the 2-megapixel sensor class.

Last year Canon Ixus received the Long Life Design Award by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation, the only organisation of its typeinvolved in the comprehensive promotion of design.

Canon once again enjoyed No. 1 category spot in 2009 with the IXUS and Powershot range and EOS DSLR camera brands, based on unit sales from January to December 2009 according to GfK retail audit data.

A couple of clickheads

A divorcing New York couple have agreed to share custody of their two kids — but continued to battle over division of 7000 family photos taken during their 21-year marriage.

A Family Court judge decreed the husband gets 75 percent of the photos – three out of every four on each page of 75 photo albums — and the wife gets the rest. The judge wrote ‘the husband was intricately involved with taking, compiling and cataloguing the thousands of photos at issue.’

The wife claims she took most of the pictures, evidenced by the fact that she isn’t in very many.

The couple initially paid US$2100 to scan the photographs onto a disk, but both sides were unhappy with the quality and demanded originals. (Alan Logue, where are you?!)

If they don’t do what the judge ordered, they will be back in court in June to divvy up the pics under his watchful eye.

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