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Fujifilm X-S20: ‘vloggers best friend’

Fujifilm has announced the X-S20, a ‘vloggers best friend’ that can shoot 6.2K 30P video and includes a new ‘vlogging mode’. The X-S20 will be available from June with an RRP of $2349.

Despite geared towards video content creation, the camera can shoot stills and is equipped witrh a back-illuminated 26.1-megapixel X-Tran CMOS 4 sensor. Fujifilm has also added a new battery that lasts for approximately 800 frames [when in economy mode], more than double of the predecessor.

The Vlog mode is activated through the mode dial, and it changes camera settings ‘with a touch of a button for self-portraits’.

Before we hand proceedings over to the Fujifilm Australia press team, it’s worth noting the camera weighs just 215 grams. Press release:


An all-in-one compact and lightweight model featuring a NEW Vlog Mode, 6.2K/30P video capability and a high-capacity battery, capable of shooting approx. 800 frames, making this suitable for content creators at home or on the go.

SYDNEY, 24 May 2023 – FUJIFILM Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the mirrorless digital camera “Fujifilm X-S20” (X-S20). It is a new addition to the X Series of mirrorless digital cameras known for their compact and lightweight body and superior image quality based on the company’s proprietary colour reproduction technology. In its compact and lightweight body, the X-S20 features AI-based subject-detection AF and recording capability of 6.2K/30P video. The use of the newly adopted high-capacity battery means the camera can take approx. 800 frames and keeps operating for an extended duration of time, making it an ideal content creation and travel camera.

The X-S20 offers premium image quality and advanced portability, catering to a variety of shooting styles ranging from casual self-portraits to fully-fledged photography and videography.

The X-S20 is a mirrorless digital camera that is equipped with the back-illuminated 26.1MP sensor “X-Trans™ CMOS 4” *1 and the high-speed image processing engine “X-Processor 5” to produce high-quality images. It features X-S Series’ signature large grip for hand-holding stability. The use of the new high-capacity battery has more than doubled the number of frames approx. 800*2 compared to that of the previous model, Fujifilm X-S10. The compact and lightweight body, weighing just 491g*3 makes it comfortable to use even in long-hour shootings. The camera also features the five-axis in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) mechanism that offers up to 7.0-stop advantage*4. The AI-based subject-detection AF, capable of detecting animals and cars, adds to its AF performance, equivalent to the fifth-generation X Series camera, Fujifilm X-T5, for added mobility.

The X-S20 supports recording 6.2K/30P 4:2:2 10-bit video internally and features a 3.5mm microphone / earphone jack for connecting external accessories to conduct fully-fledged video recording. The new Vlog Mode makes it easy to produce a range of content.

“With the popular rise of content creation, the X-S20 is the tool for content creators to tell their story. It empowers those who want to document travel, social media content and new businesses wanting to have a digital presence whilst using easy to use features,” said Shaun Mah, General Manager of the Electronic Imaging & Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM Australia. “Put simply, it’s content creation made easy,” added Mah.

1. Fujifilm X-S20 Product Features

Achieving high image quality and high-performance AF with the 26.1MP image sensor and the latest high-speed image processing engine

  • The X-S20 is equipped with the back-illuminated 26.1MP sensor “X-Trans™ CMOS 4” and the high-speed image processing engine “X-Processor 5” to produce high-quality images while keeping power consumption lower than the previous model, Fujifilm X-S10.
  • The camera features the subject-detection AF, developed with Deep Learning technology. AI is used to detect animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, trains, insects, and drones*5. The AF system automatically tracks an intended subject while keeping it in focus, allowing users to concentrate on a shutter opportunity and framing. The evolved AF prediction algorithm enables stable focusing even when in the AF-C mode.
  • The AUTO mode, which automatically selects optimum settings according to scenes, is complemented with the new AUTO Subject Detection function. It automatically detects a subject and tracks it while keeping it in focus to produce high-quality stills and videos with ease.
  • The X-S20 comes with 19 Film Simulation modes including “Nostalgic Neg.,” characterised by high saturation and soft tonality. Users can use Film Simulation pre-sets, designed for various subject types and scenes, as if they are choosing photographic films.

Incorporating high-capacity battery and high-performance IBIS mechanism into the compact and lightweight body for ease and comfort

  • The X-S20 features X-S Series’ signature large grip for hand-holding stability, while keeping the body compact and lightweight, weighing just 491g.
  • The use of the high-capacity battery, NP-W235, has more than doubled the number of frames to approx. 800 compared to that of the previous model, Fujifilm X-S10. The extended battery life means users can enjoy shooting without worrying about the remaining charge level, making the camera the ideal choice for extended all-day shooting or during travel.
  • The camera is equipped with the five-axis in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) mechanism that offers up to 7.0-stop advantage. It makes it easy to shoot hand-held at night or in low-light conditions.
  • The X-S20 is equipped with a 2.36-million-dot EVF with 0.62x magnification as well as a 1.84-million-dot rear LCD monitor with the vari-angle structure, which can be positioned in a range of angles, making self-portraits easy.

6.2K/30P video recording and other extensive video functions

  • The X-S20 can record 6.2K/30P 4:2:2 10-bit video internally, and also supports extensive video functions including 4K/60P and 1080/240P capability.
  • The camera features F-Log2 for recording video in the expanded 13+ stop dynamic range for enriched tonality, adding freedom in post-production creativity.
  • When combined with an ATOMOS HDMI device, RAW video output from the X-S20 can be recorded as 12-bit Apple ProRes RAW*6 at resolutions up to 6.2K and frame rates up to 29.97fps. When combined with Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G, RAW video output from the camera can be recorded as Blackmagic RAW at resolutions up to 6.2K and frame rates up to 29.97fps.
  • The camera features a 3.5mm microphone / earphone jack for high expandability despite its compact and lightweight body. Furthermore, the new Vlog Mode has been introduced for Vlog production. Set the Mode dial on the top panel to “Vlog” to change camera settings with a touch of a button for self-portraits.
  • Use a USB-Type C cable to connect the camera to a computer to use it as a webcam without having to use software such as FUJIFILM X Webcam*7. Film Simulation modes are available even during live streaming or online meeting. Shooting settings can be adjusted even while the camera is connected to a computer.
  • The camera is compatible with the Fujifilm FAN-001 for longer recording and shooting as it minimises heat-related shutdown.


*1 X-Trans is a trademark or registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.

*2 When in the Economy mode.

*3 Including the supplied battery and a memory card.

*4 When the FUJINON XF35mmF1.4 R lens is mounted.

*5 Select “Birds” or “Airplanes” in the Subject Detection setting for insects and drones respectively for AI-powered detection of insects and drones.

*6 Apple ProRes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

*7 4K output requires a 4K-compatible monitor, a USB-C cable of USB 3.0 or greater and supported software.

2. Product name, release date and price

Product name Release date RRP (including GST)
Fujifilm X-S20 June, 2023 $2,349


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