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Sigma’s double wide announcement

(Updated with local pricing, availability): Sigma has announced two new wide-angle, wide aperture primes in the premium Art range, one designed specifically for astrophotography. Both come in both Sony FE-mount and L-mount.

The Sigma 20mm f1.4 DG-DN Art lens. (The 24mm lens looks a lot like this one!)

It was just under a decade ago that Sigma changed the lens market by offering premium performance, full frame compatible prime lenses at a fraction – between one-third and one-half – of the price Canon and Nikon were asking for similar products. Those early ‘Art’ lenses were well rated by reviewers, with the caveat that they were heavy and chunky. The latest generation of Art and the new i-series primes have been trimmed down while still delivering premium performance at an attractive price.

The Sigma 20mm f1.4 DG DN Art lens (RRP: $1650) delivers a 94.5-degree angle of view on full-frame cameras. It consists of 17 elements in 15 groups and includes two Super-Low Dispersion (SLD) elements and three aspherical elements, one of them a double-side aspherical lens that facilitates superior performance across the image frame. Minimum focus is 23 cm. A dedicated switch is provided for de-clicking the aperture ring when required.

To cater for astro-photography, this lens includes a Lens Heater Retainer to reduce the build-up of condensation when the camera is taken from a warm bag to face the cold night sky by preventing lens heaters from becoming dislodged.

It weighs around 600g.

Available now in both mounts.

The 24mm f/1.4 DG DN Art  (RRP: $1430) is an upgrade to an existing lens in the range, offering improved edge-to-edge sharpness, enhanced portability and de-clickable aperture ring. A new Manual Focus Lock allows users to set focus manually and lock it in place for time-lapse shooting or very long exposures. This lens also has a Rear Filter Holder to enable use of rear-mounted filters for various effects without causing distortion or vignetting.

Filmmakers will enjoy the fast yet silent internal focusing driven by a stepping motor which is compatible with the AF-assist functions in Sony’s cameras and de-clickable aperture rings.

It weighs 500g.

They are dust and splash-resistant with water- and oil-repellent coatings on their front elements. Eleven-bladed iris diaphragms provide smooth bokeh at wide apertures and complex sunstars when stopped down to the minimum aperture of f16.

Available now in both mounts.









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