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Sony unveils trio of wide-angle lenses

Sony Australia has announced three new wide-angle APS-C e-mount lenses – an E PZ 10-20mm f4 G, 11mm f1.8, and 15mm f1.4 G – are available now, bringing the total Sony E lens line up to 70.

Sony Australia has set the following ‘price points’:
E PZ 10-20mm F4 G: SRP $1199.00 AUD
E 11mm F1.8: SRP $849.00 AUD
E 15mm F1.4 G: SRP $ 1199.00 AUD

One of the appeals of an APS-C camera is the compact form factor, and this is also the case for dedicated crop sensor lenses. The E PZ 10-20mm f4 G, for example, is ‘the world’s smallest and lightest’ APS-C zoom lens, according to the press release. So how much does the lightest APS-C zoom lens weigh? Glad you asked – 178 grams.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is the Sony Australia press release.

Sony Announces Three Standout Wide-Angle E-Mount APS-C Lenses with the Introduction of the E PZ 10-20mm  F4 G, E 15mm F1.4 G and E 11mm F1.8 

The New Lenses Offer Wide-Angle, Outstanding Image Resolution and are Compact  for Creators as they Bring the Total Number of Sony E-Mount Lenses up to 70 

 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 2 2022 – Sony further expands its lens line up, bringing the  total number of E-mount lenses up to 70, with the introduction of the power zoom G lens E PZ  10-20mm F4 G, versatile G lens E 15mm F1.4 G, as well as introducing the ultra-wide prime E 11mm F1.8

The first new lens, the E PZ 10-20mm F4 G, focal length10-20mm on APS-C or 15-30mm in  35mm equivalent focal length, is the world’s smallest and lightesti, ultra-wide angle constant  F4 APS-C power zoom lens. Outstanding G Lens imagery, impeccable autofocus (AF)  performance, and versatile power zoom come together in a compact zoom lens that remains  a constant length throughout the zoom range and offers refined visual expression and operability for movies as well as stills. 

The E 15mm F1.4 G, 35mm full-frame equivalent: 22.5 mm, brings beautiful F1.4 bokeh plus  superb G Lens resolution in a versatile APS-C lens with vast creative potential. This compact  and lightweight prime lens delivers dynamic imagery, excellent AF control and is great for both  stills and movies with a high operability. 

Large aperture, ultra-wide APS-C prime, the E 11mm F1.8, 35mm full-frame equivalent: 16.5  mm, delivers outstanding corner-to-corner resolution, gorgeous bokeh and fast, reliable AF for  dramatic expression and stunning portraits. Being compact and lightweight it’s perfect for  vlogging and shooting video on the go. 

‘We are really excited to be announcing this suite of three new APS-C lenses designed to  complement the content creators of today to capture both stunning still imagery and captivating video,’ said Jun Yoon, Head of Digital Imaging, Australia and New Zealand. 

Today’s announcement brings our native lens range up to 70 models, with the great advantage  of the common E-mount across them all, making them suitable for use on APS-C cameras;  our full-frame line up; and all our Cinema Line video cameras.

E PZ 10-20mm F4 G 

World’s Smallest and lightestifor Unequalled Mobility and Handling

The E PZ 10-20mm F4 G is 20% lighter than its predecessor (SEL1018), making it the smallest  and lightest lens in its class with a total weight of just 178 grams – even with power zoom.  What’s more, the lens uses internal zoom and focus mechanisms, and therefore does not  change in length when zooming or focusing. Shifts in the lens’s centre of gravity are minimal,  making it a great choice for stable vlogging and gimbal-mounted movie shooting. 

Outstanding Image Quality and Dynamic Perspectives that Only an Ultra Wide-Angle  Zoom Can Provide 

The E PZ 10-20mm F4 G provides an extremely wide angle of view with a 10-20mm zoom  range and is designed to deliver a consistently excellent optical performance from the centre  to the periphery of every image at all zoom settings. Three aspherical elements are ideally  positioned to suppress field curvature and astigmatism, both of which are common problems  in ultra-wide-angle lenses. The optical path also includes two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass  elements that effectively subdue chromatic aberration. An ED aspherical element further  contributes to high resolution right out to the image edges. Also, as the lens’s maximum  aperture is a constant F4 at all focal settings, it is possible to maintain stable image quality  when shooting a movie and delivers manageable shutter speeds at dusk or indoors where  light is limited. 

A circular aperture and carefully designed spherical aberration work together to deliver natural looking G Lens bokeh that can contribute to impressive imagery. A Minimum autofocus  distance is 0.2 meters with a maximum magnification of 0.14x, while minimum manual focus  distance is 0.13 ~ 0.17-meters with a maximum magnification of 0.18x.

Refined Expression and Control for Movies 

The E PZ 10-20mm F4 G features a new electronic power zoom system that ensures direct,  responsive control and adjustable zoom speed. Even the subtlest zoom ring rotation is  precisely detected and immediately converted to actual zoom operation. Users have a huge  amount of control in a wide variety of shooting scenarios with a zoom lever. Power zoom  minimises camera shake so that solo shooters can produce smooth, stable imagery and  buttons can be assigned on compatible bodies for convenient zoom controlii. It always  maintains balance and makes it a great choice for stable vlogging and gimbal-mounted movie  shooting.  

Advanced AF Performance Benefits Stills and Movies 

With astonishing AF performance that gives still and movie shooters unprecedented freedom,  it uses two linear motors for focus drive, delivering fast, quiet AF. Also, the focus mechanism  is internal, so the length of the lens remains constant while focusing.  

Fast, reliable AF can smoothly track subjects when shooting high frame rate movies, and  reliably follow fast-moving subjects when shooting stills continuously at high speed. It reduces  focus breathing and angle-of-view variations are minimised for smooth, stable movie imagery. 

Mobility, Operability, and Reliability for any Situation 

The compact power-zoom lens E PZ 10-20mm F4 G is designed to maximise control and  versatility for movies as well as stills with a focus ring, zoom ring and zoom lever. A customisable focus hold button and focus mode switch have been carefully incorporated to  easily adapt in changing shooting conditions.  

Users can attach 62mm screw-on filters, such as variable ND filters, for more creative control  and the lens has been designed to be dust and moisture resistantiii to provide extra reliability  in outdoor use.

E 15mm F1.4 G 

G Lens Resolution and Beautiful Bokeh 

The E 15mm F1.4 G lens has a wide 15 mm view, 35mm full-frame equivalent: 22.5 mm, with  impressive G Lens resolution. Three aspherical elements in an advanced optical design  effectively compensate for distortion and deliver excellent corner-to-corner resolution, despite  the lens’s wide 15 mm view. Then the addition of one ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass element  and one Super ED glass element suppresses chromatic aberration.  

A large F1.4 maximum aperture, precisely controlled spherical aberration and circular aperture  mechanism make it easy to produce smooth, background bokeh for artist effect. The  background can be blurred so subjects stand out clearly or to create beautiful bokeh balls in  low-light scenes. 

With a minimum focusing distance of 0.17 meters and maximum magnification of 0.15x when  manual focus is usediv, impressive close-ups can be achieved for both stills and movies.  

Compact and Lightweight for Outstanding Mobility 

The use of aspherical elements and an effective design, a large aperture and high resolution  have been achieved in a lightweight 219 g lens that is only 66.6 mm in diameter and 69.5 mm  in length. A wide angle of view, compact dimensions, and light weight make it ideal for shooting  starry skies, landscapes, architecture, and indoor scenes, as well as subjects that require  mobility such as sports.

What’s more, an internal focus mechanism means that the lens length does not change when  focusing which improves balance and overall handling. Unchanging lens length and a stable  centre of gravity make this lens a good choice for gimbal mounting. 

AF Performance That Makes Full Use of Body Speed Potential 

Fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking for both stills and movies is achieved with two advanced  linear motors. This maximises the speed potential of the camera body used to maintain  accurate focus, even on moving subjects. 

The E 15mm F1.4 G uses Sony’s latest lens technology to reduce focus breathing – angle-of view variations are minimised for smooth, stable movie imagery. It also supports the breathing  compensation function provided in compatible α series bodiesv, minimising breathing that can  hinder post-shoot editing. 

Excellent Control and Reliability for Stills and Movies 

Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly to subtle control  when focusing manually. Focus ring rotation translates directly to a corresponding change in  focus, so control feels immediate and precise. 

Despite its compact dimensions, the E 15mm F1.4 G includes an aperture ring for direct,  intuitive control with an aperture click switch that can be switched ON or OFF: ON for tactile  feedback that lets the user “feel” the stops, or OFF for smooth, continuous, silent aperture  control. The OFF setting enables smooth and stable movie imagery control and is ideal when  silence is essential.

A focus hold button and focus mode switch are also provided for extra flexibility. The focus  mode switch makes it possible to quickly switch between AF and MF as needed. 

Lastly, the E 15mm F1.4 G is designed with dust and moisture resistancevi providing extra  reliability for outdoor use in challenging conditions. 

E 11mm F1.8 

Superb Resolution and Exquisite Bokeh 

The E 11mm F1.8’s ultra-wide angle of view is ideal for interior shots and images that make  expressive use of depth of field. Three aspherical elements and three ED (Extra-low  Dispersion) glass elements, achieve consistently high resolution from the image centre to  periphery, despite the lens’s ultra-wide 11 mm angle of view, 35mm full-frame equivalent: 16.5  mm. The aspherical lenses are carefully positioned to compensate for distortion and deliver  excellent corner-to-corner resolution even with the aperture wide open. The addition of ED  glass further suppresses chromatic aberration and effectively reduces colour fringing that is  more likely to occur in the image periphery.  

The large F1.8 maximum aperture of this lens makes it easy to achieve deep background  bokeh. Users can blur the background, so they stand out clearly when vlogging, or create  beautiful bokeh balls in ultra-wide night scenes. Precisely controlled spherical aberration and  a circular aperture mechanism further contribute to the smooth bokeh produced by this unique  lens.

With a minimum focusing distance of 0.12 meters and maximum magnification of 0.2xvii the  lens can deliver impressive close-ups for both stills and movies.  

Compact and Lightweight to Shoot on the Go 

The E 11mm F1.8 boasts a large F1.8 maximum aperture in a compact, lightweight lens. It  weighs 181 g and is only 66 mm in diameter and 57.5 mm in length – a perfect match for  compact APS-C format bodies. 

Optimised for Movie Shooting 

Two advanced linear motors provide fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking for both stills and  video, maximising the speed potential of the camera body used to reliably maintain accurate  focus even on moving subjects. 

Sony’s latest lens technology greatly reduces focus breathingviii and angle-of-view variations  are minimised for smooth, stable movie imagery. What’s more, an internal focus mechanism  means that the lens length does not change when focusing making it easier to move in close  to subjects and work in limited spaces for new creative possibilities. 

The E 11mm F1.8’s ultra-wide 11 mm angle of view, 35mm full-frame equivalent: 16.5 mm,  makes vlogging against a wide background easier than ever. Its small size and light weight  are great for mobility and handling for lengthy walk-around shooting sessions. 

Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly to subtle control  when focusing manually so it feels immediate and precise.  

Outstanding Control and Reliability  

Despite its compact dimensions, this lens offers flexible, intuitive control with features such as  a focus hold button and focus mode switch. An alternative function chosen by the user can be  assigned to the focus hold button from the body menu. Dust and moisture resistant designix provides extra reliability for outdoor use in challenging conditions.  

The E 11mm F1.8 also accepts front filters, which is a feature that is often lacking on ultra wide-angle lenses.

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