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‘Never say die’ film processor announced

Melbourne-based film processing service FilmNeverDie has persevered with designing and manufacturing its own roller film processor, the CP800, after falling well short in its crowdfunding campaign.

The finished product doesn’t have some of the features originally offered. The stripped down, $4 350 CP800 will retain its 8x 135/4x 120 processing drum, 5x chemistry/1x water channels, variable push/pull timing and compatibity with Paterson, AP & Jobo 1500 reels.

Omissions from the original design are significant, including removable 2L & 5L chemistry storage receptacles w/ level detectors; Programmable heater controlling chemical temperature to +/-.2°; dimmable graphic LCD display w/ D-pad control panel; and rigid sheet metal construction w/ 3D printed components.

One of the benefits of the stripped down CP800 film processor is that you can actually knock one up yourself!

‘FilmNeverDie will sell a commercial branded CP800 by FilmNeverDie – which is fully assembled tested and comes with 5 years parts warranty!

‘For those that want to get your hands dirty and created one from scratch then you can check out the Open Sourced project – dubbed Farbung.

‘However we also offer a middle ground where you can buy parts from us and assemble them yourself.’

CP800 has come a such long way—evolving from a tangle of wires into a fully packaged automated rotary drum film processor,’ said Filmneverdie co-founder Gary Wong. ‘“We’re hoping CP800 will help the startup labs find there feet. Processing equipment is becoming increasingly difficult to find, operate and maintain.



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