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AgfaPhoto goes reusably retro

New shipments of the popular and affordable AfgaPhoto Retro FUN Reusable 35mm Film Camera are headed to Australia, with AfgaPhoto distributor, Independent Photographic Supplies (iPhoto), estimating availability early in April, well-before Mother’s Day on May 9.

The cameras comes in three coloured wraps – red, black and ‘coffee’.

Low-cost, re-usable 35mm film point-and-shoot retro styled fun cameras proved to be a great seller over the 2020 Christmas sales period. The cameras are geared toward photography enthusiasts looking for a fun, ‘old school’ and affordable 35mm film camera that’s easy to use. They’re a step above disposable film cameras, and offer a more environmentally-friendly solution to film photography as they aren’t thrown away after use.

The AgfaPhoto Reusable 35mm Film Camera features a 31mm f9 fixed aperture lens, and 1/120s fixed shutter speed. A built-in flash makes the camera capable of shooting indoors and at night, or in other low-light shooting scenarios. The focus-free camera is compatible with colour negative and black-and-white film, covering ISO 200, 400, and 800. The camera has a retro-style body and comes in three coloured wraps – red, black and coffee (brown), leveraging off AgfaPhoto’s long history of fun consumer 35mm camera’s.

The camera comes in a box with an Agfa embossed soft case, a strap, and 12-month Australian and New Zealand warranty through iPhoto. It requires a single AAA battery to operate.

The market for second-hand vintage 35mm analog point-and-shoot cameras has gone gangbusters in the last decade. With the Agfa re-usable cameras selling at around $99 each, they’re more affordable (and easier to use) than many sought-after vintage point-and-shoot film cameras.

Agfa has been a major player in consumer photography for almost a century.  In 2005, when digital photography had taken a hold of the camera market, Agfa pulled back from the photo industry, re-emerging as a brand in 2018 via a licensing deal. With film photography making a huge comeback, AgfaPhoto has returned to its silver halide roots.

Agfa single-use cameras in no short supply
With a reported shortage of Kodak and Fujifilm single-use disposable film cameras, iPhoto has secured an ongoing and guaranteed supply of the Afga SUC range, as well as AgfaPhoto professional black and white film.

Single Use Cameras:
1. Agfa LeBox Flash 400-27exp (10Pk.)  Note – Ubiquitous Fun Anywhere/ Anytime Flash Disposable Camera
2. Agfa LeBox OCEAN – All Weather 400-27exp (10Pk.)  Note – All Weather Underwater Camera (to 3m)
3. Agfa LeBox ‘Hipster’ Black & White FLASH 400-27exp (10Pk.)   Note –  Traditional Agfa B & W Film in a Single Use Flash Camera
4. Agfa LeBox Wedding FLASH 400-27exp (10Pk.)   Note – Special Wedding Day Wrap specifically designed for Wedding Reception Use

Professional Camera Film:
5.       Agfa APX400 135-36exp. (10Pk.) Note – Professional Black & White Negative high speed film for producing prints using a traditional black & white printing process.

Contact iPhoto for more info.

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