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SHORTS & BRIEFS: February 27

A concise round-up of new product updates, international snippets and other interesting stuff from the wonderful world of photography: Sony announces 20mm G Master prime...Fujifilm updates popular Instax Mini line…CCP calls in the Euros for Photo 2020

Sony announces 20mm G Master prime
Sony has announced the FE 20mm f1.8 G lightweight prime lens will be available from March 9, with a recommended price of $1699.

The new lens is light for a premium wide angle prime lens, weighing just 373 grams, with it measuring 19cm.

‘A number of landscape photographers who shoot with Sony’s E-mount system have asked for a fast, ultra-wide prime lens, and we feel that the new SEL20F18G [FE 20mm F1.8 G] hits the sweet spot,’ said Jun Yoon, head of Digital Imaging at Sony ANZ. ‘Combining image quality, portability, superb AF performance and price, the new lens is light and versatile, while also suitable for video shooting on both full-frame and APS-C bodies.’

Sony lens range
Who knew? As this pic illustrates, Sony’s lens range has grown to 34 full-frame lenses and 18 APSC lenses in market in Australia.

For full press release: Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G, February 20

Fujifilm updates popular Instax Mini line
Fujifilm has announced the new Instax Mini 11, the latest in the long line of popular instant cameras, will be available from mid-March with overseas pricing set at US$70.

A new feature for the Mini 11 is an Automatic Exposure function, which senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, and optimises the shutter speed and flash output based on the conditions.  The Mini 11 also has a Selfie Mode, which is activated by pulling out the front-end edge of the lens after turning the camera on. Makes selfie taking super easy.

In terms of design, the Mini 11 is rounder and ‘softer’, with a modern look that’s a ‘direct homage’ to the Mini 9 predecessor.

‘Contrasting design elements on the Mini 11 are achieved by using a different material around the lens from the rest of the camera body,’ the press release says. ‘The Mini 11 is available in five pastel, pale-tone colors – Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Gray, Ice White, and Lilac Purple.’

Lastly, the instant camera has two customisable buttons, which can be replaced with shutter button stickers – ‘a fun and easy way to change the button’s look and to personalise the camera’.

Accompanying the launch are two new Instax instant film varieties, Mini Blue Marble film and Square White Marble film. Both have marble-patterned print frames.

CCP calls in the Euros for Photo 2020
Melbourne’s Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) has announced an upcoming exhibition to show during Photo 2020, No True Self, which features seven European photographers.

A Thibaut Henz installation. Photo: Philipp Kirschner.

No True Self, opening on Friday, March 27, ‘investigates issues of agency and identity in a post-digital world and the subsequent blurring of public and private realms’.

Curated by David A Kerr, the exhibition brings together work by Arvida Byström (Sweden), Thibaut Henz (Belgium), Artor Jesus Inkerö (Finland), Hanna Putz (Austria), Jana Schulz (Germany), Andrzej Steinbach (Poland) and Thomas Taube (Germany).

‘These artists come from a range of backgrounds throughout Europe and represent the incredibly diverse range of positions one can explore through the lens,’ Kerr said. ‘The artists in No True Self are breaking (and creating) trends regarding the use of images and their reception. They are crucial anchor points in our post-digital, algorithm-driven culture of images.’

Finish artist, Artor Jesus Inkerö, will visit Melbourne and perform at the No True Self: Party + Performance on Saturday April 25. Inkerö and local artists will be dancing, playing music and performing, exploring all sorts of topics like gender identity and self-representation.

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