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Instax Mini 11 announced

While we all await the latest and greatest full frame mirrorless camera technology, the reality of the photographic market is that the largest selling cameras today (excluding smartphones) are the low-tech, low-resolution Fujifilm Instax instant analog range, so when a new model is released, camera retailers sit up and take notice.
Instax 11 heroNot only do Instax cameras move off the shelves nicely, but buyers come back to buy more film packs. ‘How good is analog photography!’ as Scott Morrison might exclaim.

This month Fujifilm confirmed the international launch of the Instax Mini 11, which according to the global press release will be accompanied by new film packs with blue or white marbling around the borders of the image. But it’s complicated: the white marbled version delivers a square image of 62mm – about 2.4 inches – while the blue marbled version makes tiny 62mm x 46mm images (2.4-inches x 1.8 inches). (I guess that’s why they call the camera an Instax mini!) The white-marbled square film can also be used in other square-format Instax cameras.

Instax Mini 11 film‘The marble-design frames are accentuated with glittery gold and silver, turning a daily snap into a memorable special piece,’ the press release stated.

The Mini 11 is the first budget-priced Instax to feature automatic exposure. It also has a mission-critical Selfie Mode, activated by simply pulling out the front end edge of the lens after powering the camera on. Close-ups between 3ocm and 50cm can also be taken in selfie mode.

The camera body has been redesigned ‘with a fresh, trendy look’. It’s thinner and lighter than the previous model, and has a rounded body.

The Mini 11 is available in five colours (pink, blue, charcoal, white and purple). The camera also comes with two differently covered shutter button caps to jazz it up a little.

UPDATE, March 19: The Instax Mini is now available in Australia with an RRP of $109.





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