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On-camera LED panel from Lume Cube

Lume Cube has introduced the Lume Cube Panel a smartphone-sized, ‘cold-shoe’-connected LED light panel.

Lume Cube PanelThere are a few of these in the market already, and the Lume Cube comes at a premium, but the LED lighting specialist claims this one is superior because: it has an aluminum body rather than plastic; it has an external charging feature; ‘the light has flat LED as opposed to diodes which push round light that falls off’; the LCD screen displays battery life, colour temperature, and brightness; it offers charging via USB-C and Micro USB; and it includes a diffuser and cold-shoe adapter.

The battery-powered bi-color LED light operates at colour temperatures between 3200K and 5600K, adjustable in increments of 5 percent. The rear LCD control screen that shows battery level, colour temperature, brightness, and run time. Lume Cube claims that when fully charged, the Lume Cube Panel can be used for 1.5 hours at full power and up to 7.5 hours or longer on low power.

The battery doubles as a 5v power bank for recharging other USB devices, such as a smartphone or camera. It weighs 180 grams.

The panel delivers 1600 lux max brightness at .5m (GN? Who knows?) and includes a clip-on softening diffuser and cold shoe mount. There is no remote control option, or communication with the camera via a smartphone app or the like – the panel is operated directly.

The Lume Cube Panel LED light is available from Lume Cube now for $149.95 USD.

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