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FIPP gives back, once again

The Fremantle International Portrait Prize (FIPP) has wrapped up after another brilliant run, with more than 2000 visitors flocking to see an exhibition of 139 finalist images whittled down from 1850 entries. UK portrait photographer, Malcolm Peacock, won the $8000 FIPP top prize for his image, Titanium Man.

Titanium Man by Malcolm Peacock. FIPP first prize winner.

It’s a monochrome image of a young triathlete, captured in his backyard. Out of 50 pictures captured during the shoot, just five were ‘decent’ due to the swimmer’s mother having too much fun throwing buckets of water over her son.

‘This Triathlete wanted a different type of action shot,’ Malcolm said. ‘We involved his mother, who took great delight in throwing buckets of water at him. The water was heated to start with but by the end of the shoot it was freezing cold! Hence the intense expression on his face.’

Malcolm was announced the winner on October 12, at the FIPP exhibition opening and award ceremony at the Moores Centenary Building. Malcolm, the first UK photographer to win FIPP, was unable to attend the award ceremony but had family friends accept the award for him.

FIPP, a non-profit contest organised by the WA photo community, donates all proceeds of the competition to charity. It uses a highly refined judging system and qualified jury to ensure fairness, and promotes excellence in photography. Sponsors include Nikon, Fitzgerald Photo, which handles the printing, City of Fremantle, Camera Electornic and Freo Camera House.


Over the years FIPP has donated over $55,000 to charities. This year that number is set to increase with all proceeds set to go to the Kai Eardley Foundation, a charity offering support for helping prevent mental health problems in young people.

This year the prize pool totalled at $21,500, with $11500 cash and $10,000 in Nikon vouchers.

In 2019 a Mobile Category was introduced, with Sarah Fairbanks taking out the win for Dreamy Sunday.

Dreamy Sunday by Sarah Fairbanks. Mobile Category winner.

”I had just washed Josh’s hair, the bath water had gone milky with soap. He closed his eyes, and suddenly the light through the window made him look like a painting, almost otherworldly. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my phone before the moment was gone.’

A couple of events were tacked on to the FIPP show. Firstly a ‘Meet The Judges’ Q&A session on October 23. Attendees asked three judges – Chris Rowett, Karin Calvert and Lyn Whitfield-King – questions about how they came to their decisions, what influences them, and the philosophy of judging. Secondly Keren Dobia, 2017 AIPP APPA winner, hosted a sold-out floor talk and workshop on October 13. Keren also had an exhibition showing upstairs at the Moores Building.

60th Wedding Anniversary by Peter Rossi. FIPP camera second prize.


Inscribed by Julie Kerbel. FIPP camera third prize.


Silence by Goran Jovic. FIPP mobile joint second prize.


The Young Ventriloquist by Jennifer Leahy. FIPP mobile joint second prize.

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  1. Clive Addison Clive Addison November 7, 2019

    Excellent resumé of FIPP winning portraits. thank you.
    Clive Addison

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