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DJI unveils Ronin SC gimbal

DJI, consumer drone market leader, has announced the Ronin-S Compact – a single-handed 3-axis gimbal designed for mirrorless cameras. The gimbal is available now, either as a standalone for $569; or in the Pro Combo Pack for $709, which includes a focus wheel with the external focus motor, and Remote Start Stop (RSS) Splitter.

Ronin SC
The Ronin SC gimbal in action.

As the name suggests the Ronin SC has a compact design, weighing around 1.08KG, which is 41 percent lighter than the Ronin S and can easily fit inside a backpack.

The gimbal’s motor is capable of supporting camera systems weighing up to 2KG, and the battery can operate for up to 11 hours. It currently supports a wide range of Sony mirrorless cameras, along select models from the line up of Nikon Z, Canon R, Panasonic G, and Fujiffilm X cameras.

‘The Ronin-SC took the powerful technology from the Ronin-S and put it in a lighter and smaller form factor,’ said Paul Pan, DJI’s senior product manager. ‘Now users can pair their mirrorless system with a stabilizer that is easier to transport, easier to set up, easier to use yet still equipped with high-performance features and technology.’

The gimbal has a new position lock system that, once balanced, it’s quick to remount the camera and begin work. It also has three axis locks on the pal, tilt, and roll axis.

Like the Ronin S, movement is controlled with a joystick and different settings are accessed with the Mode button and front trigger.

DJI says the gimbal has a ‘host of intelligent modes’, and the Ronin app allows users to set up three custom profile, adjust settings such as motor output, and run balance tests to ensure the camera system is properly set up.

The construction materials include magnesium, steel, aluminium, and composite plastic.

The Ronin-SC offers the same modes as RoninS but with sever new additions, including:
– Force Mobile1: TSimilar to Force Pro, it synchronises the movement of a connected mobile device with the Ronin-SC gimbal, offering an immersive filming experience. Users can operate gimbal movements at a max distance of 82 feet using the Bluetooth 5.0 connection;
– ActiveTrack 3.0: Using a mobile device, Ronin-SC users can select a subject for the gimbal to accurately follow. Algorithms include ‘deep learning’ and ‘optimised calculations for human figures’. Similar to the technology found in some DJI drones and the Osmo Series, ActiveTrack 3.0 uses the mobile phone’s camera view and sends this information to the Ronin-SC;
– Virtual Joystick: Control gimbal movement remotely using the virtual joystick, ideal for when Ronin-SC is on a tripod or monopod;
– TimeLapse: Create TimeLapse content, adjusting settings including interval, clips and frames per second;
– Motionlapse: Add the element of motion to your TimeLapse;
– Motion Control: Set movement paths with Motion Control by selecting up to 40 different points;
– Panorama: Automatically capture panoramas in multiple rows or columns.

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