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Canon goes instant

Canon has moved into the instant camera market with two instant/digital hybrids which will be called  Ivy Cliq and Ivy Cliq+ in the US, and Zoemini in Europe.

The Cliq+ (right) has a larger selfie mirror and a ring light, and works with an accompanying smartphone app for greater versatility.

(We can’t tell you what they will be called in Australia, if and when they might be released, or when they might arrive, because Canon Australia has crossed Inside Imaging off its media contact list for not expressing due reverence. Sad but true!) 

The two new cameras have an integrated printer that supports Zink adhesive-backed photo paper, as do cameras from Polaroid and more recently Kodak.

The Canon Ivy Cliq+ has an 8-megapixel sensor and microSD card slot. The camera comprises a ring light around the lens, a front-facing mirror, Bluetooth and the built-in Zink printer.

It supports an app (Android and iOS) which  delivers images to a phone via Bluetooth. The app allows users to apply filters, create collages and print 2×3-inch (5×7.6cm) photos. It can also remotely trigger the shutter.

It will be offered in a range of three colours and will be available in the US from April 25 for US$160.

The common-or-garden-variety Ivy Cliq has a 5-megapixel sensor, but doesn’t work with the app or have a ring light, and the selfie mirror is smaller.

It will be offered in a different range of colours. Both cameras come with 10 sheets of Zink adhesive-backed photo paper.


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