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PMA wants to click with enthusiasts

January 12, 2011: PMA has rebranded its annual US trade show ‘Cliq’ and launched a website,, targetting photo enthusiasts.

‘”Cliq” is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week commitment on the part of the association to provide content and tools for everyone involved in photography, from consumers to aspiring pros, to retailers and professional labs,’ said Ted Fox, executive director and CEO, PMA.

The new website features how-to tips, new product reviews from the DP Review website, and monthly photo contests.

In a podcast supporting the launch of the Cliq initiative, PMA publisher Gary Pageau explained that PMA sees the photo enthusiast market in the US as consisting of four segments:

– ‘Traditional Jennifer-type’ Gen X and Gen Y mothers;
– Baby boomer grandparents;
– ‘Gear heads’;
– Younger professional types who are more into the social networking and mobility aspects of photography.

A secondary communication objective of the website seems to be to promote the US PMA equipment exhibition (aka ‘Cliq’), which has been opened up to a broader audience and adopted some of the consumer-friendly features offered at the Australian Imaging & Entertainment Expo, such as workshops, photo walks, and seminars.

PMA members in the US will benefit from the Cliq initiative, according to PMA, by being able to promote their local events and initiatives on the Cliq website.

From PMA: What is Cliq?

‘Cliq is a community, united by passion for still and motion images. It’s the source for all things photography; industry news, product reviews and more. CliQ creates direct dialogue between manufacturers, retailers and photographers to help them learn, discover and share.’

NOTE: Courtesy of our association with the leading Australian photo enthusiast website,, Photo Counter readers already have one-click access to a comprehensive range of local camera, lens and accessory reviews written for Australians, with Australian release details, pricing etc. In common with Photo Counter, Photo Review is a strong and vocal supporter of Australian photo retailing.

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