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Rest in Peace: Rainer Seemann, 1952 – 2016

Rainer Seemann was a supporter and founder investor of the Camera House Group when it was reborn in 1983, and was a committed owner of his business, Rainer’s Camera House in Brisbane.

MR RAINER SEEMANN, February 20, 1952 – June 17, 2016

Rainer’s contribution to Raleru Limited was immense; he served as a director on the Raleru Board for over 10 years and was also a member of the Marketing Committee. Rainer also made a profound mark on the photo industry and was a past President of the Photo Marketing Association of Australia (PMA).

Rainer was a regular attendee at international conventions including PMA in USA and Photokina in Cologne, when he also made time to connect with his family in Hamburg.

Rainer was an aggressive retailer in his own business and in his role as a director, he was instrumental in maintaining and enhancing our company’s supply terms with our suppliers. Rainer supported all members equally and head office’s direct support for members was often instigated by Rainer.

Many of our competitors will remember Rainer as an aggressive adversary, but I remember him as a mentor, a person who cared deeply about the Camera House ideal, a director who knew how to find a profit for our company, and a man who believed in straight talk to get fast agreement.

Rainer had a unique personality that was larger than life. He had an enormous passion for the photographic industry and particularly the Camera House group within which he was a respected and liked friend and colleague.

Rainer is survived by his wife Lorraine, daughters Bec and Hannah, and son, Justin.

He will be sadly missed by all.
– Lance Miller
Chairman, Raleru Limited

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  1. Malcolm Kennedy Malcolm Kennedy June 24, 2016

    Rainer was truly one of the great charters of our industry.
    I remember being in the store when he had a confrontation with a customer, threw the customer out and closed the shop.
    When we first began our TV ads featuring dealers, Rainer was quick to seize the opportunity, he had a barbecue with all his friends and the TV all set up. Unfortunately, the TV station mistakenly broadcast a Melbourne Teds ad. We didn’t need the telephone to hear him from Brisbane.
    Rainer was a brilliant marketer always quick to act on changes and very much attuned to the market. He was one of the first to purchase a mini lab.
    Rainer was a great supporter and stalwart of Camera House.
    Rainer had a very dry sense of humour and will be deeply missed by all who knew him. I will toast his memory tonight.

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