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BYO camera drone

At $599, the Kaiser Baas Delta Drone is a technically advanced, medium-range drone which is sold without an action camera, so that buyers can hard-mount their own choice of camera.

DelatDIt has a 400 metre range with pre-programmed ‘Geofencing’ at 300m to reduce instances where it flies out of the users’ visual line of sight. Further, a built-in return-to-home function will  bring the Delta Drone back to its take-off location at the touch of a button.

It can can lock its altitude in a hover, using GPS, for stable and more useful aerial footage. Flight time is 17 minutes. (Accessory 2200Ah capacity batteries are available to allow for increased time in the field.)


Other features:
– Max Ascent Speed: 6m per sec
– Hover Accuracy: 0.8m
– Max Flight Speed: 15m per sec
– Dimensions, flight weight: 290 X 290 X 185mm and 810g


Optional accessories include replacement rotor blades, etc, electronic gimbal and landing gear stabilisers, and spare batteries.




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