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Adeal to distribute Wenpod gimbals

Adeal is the new Gazercam (WenPod) distributor for Australia and New Zealand, following the closure of Maxwell International.

The Wenpod
The Wenpod MD2 is a ‘next generation’ 3-axis gimbal for DSLR videographers. It’s the first in the industry to apply a proprietary AI algorithm and ‘Neuron Technology’ to a gimbal device. Three-axis brushless motors are incorporated with independent CPU, making the stabilising motion extremely smooth. It is the only gimbal in the market to use fully automated calibration technology, according to Gazercam.

Gazercam produces the WenPod range of motorised gimbal video stabilisers. The range caters for smartphone users, GoPro enthusiasts and on up to professional videographers

‘We are pleased to appoint Adeal Pty Ltd to act as the exclusive distributor of the WenPod
Stabiliser range of products in the Australian and NZ market,’ stated Stephen Tsang,
from Gazercam Ltd.

‘Adeal has for many years been recognised as one of the largest distributors of photo
accessories in Australia. We look forward to working with Adeal and developing the
Australian and NZ market for WenPod products.’

Gazercam (WenPod) says its WenPod motorised gimbal stabiliser range for video is second to none. The company holds many proprietary patents for these special, highly technologically designed and developed products. It is a  leader in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to gimbal operation.

The mission for Gazercam is an emphasis on innovation, and, this is proven by their position in the videography and photography marketplace as a leader with the WenPod range.

Fresh stock from Adeal will be available from June. For more information:

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