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Rotolight LED lights make local debut

Rotolight, a UK-based company specialising in sophisticated LED lighting products, is now being distributed in Australia by CR Kennedy.

The Rotolight NEO created a lot of interest at The Nikon AIPP Event.
The Rotolight NEO created a lot of interest at The Nikon AIPP Event.

The Rotolight range made its local debut on the CR Kennedy stand at The Nikon AIPP Event in Perth last week, where they proved one of the hits of the show.

The Rotolight NEO, about the size of an on-camera flash unit, but with the attributes and capabilities of a professional system for digital stills and videography, at a price of around $550 – 600, generated great interest.

The company began as a family-owned business, but its products have already grabbed the attention of professional photographers and videographers around the world (with Australia to come!).

Rotolight has been used in Hollywood blockbuster productions such as Captain Phillips and Skyfall. Photographers such as Greg Gorman, Mark Mann and Kenton Thatcher have also used the LED lighting systems when shooting celebrities portraits.

The Rotolight factory is actually located within the UK’s famous Pinewood Studios, where Rotoilight products are regularly used in major productions.

‘Rotolight’s affordable cutting-edge lighting technology, combined with the increasing popularity of low cost DSLR for video, will ensure its considerable market success,’ said CR Kennedy’s national sales manager, Consumer Division.

The Rotolight range includes flood lights, ‘stealth’ flashes, audio recording equipment, stands, soft-boxes, and accessories.

For those that didn’t check out Rotolight products at The Event, the products will be on show from July 14 to 17 on the CR Kennedy stand at the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) 2015 Expo in Sydney.

The company says its LED technology can deliver overall CRI = 96, Skintone CRI = 99 and TLCI = 91,  ‘ensuring the very best results for DSLR and broadcast camera users’.

‘To give Rotolight a home in Australia is a strategic step and pivotal to the growth of Rotolight. With CR Kennedy’s expansive experience in the ‘Photo & Consumer’ electronic channel and broadcast/film, it was a simple choice and the perfect partner for Rotolight, going forward,’ Rotolight international sales manager, Barry Grub, said.

‘The LED lighting revolution is a converging market, creating a synergy with stills and video producers. CR Kennedy reflects the Rotolight philosophy and has the network-reach, reputation and experience to successfully market Rotolight’s innovative products.’

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