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Open house for IPI Open House webcast

The IPI Member Network is co-ordinating a Global Open House initiative around the third week in October, with participating retailers inviting customers to take a tour of their stores and meet their teams.
Global-Open-HouseThe Global Open House represents the culmination of an annual 100-Day Challenge (initiated at the IPI Member Network’s annual conference, IPIC, in July) a goal-setting program to encourage retailers to refresh their business and innovate in anticipation of the holiday season.

Many IPI members are moving, remodelling and making over their stores in preparation, according to IPI. Activities will highlight neighbourhood images, people and businesses. Some events will also feature live entertainment, food and beverages.

Guests at Global Open House events will be introduced to exclusive specialist-oriented products and services such as photo greeting cards in the latest styles, personalised notepads, acrylic wall art, popular clipboard calendars and exclusive magnetic canvas designs.

The IPI MSP (Marketing Support Program) provides IPI members with templates and suggestions for high-margin photo products, with special materials and ‘how-tos’ created for the Global Open House.

Brenda DiVincenzo, IPI:
Brenda DiVincenzo, IPI: ‘We provide ongoing networking, education and marketing support, as well as new products, services and program initiatives…’

Other planned events include free classes and demonstrations, as well as the opportunity for customers to create some of these custom products for themselves.

‘We are constantly presenting ways for our members to renew and grow their businesses,’ said Brenda DiVincenzo, IPI’s director of Member Success. ‘We provide ongoing networking, education and marketing support, as well as new products, services and program initiatives. The 100-Day Challenge is just one such example, empowering members to follow through with their business goal implementation.’

The Global Open House initiative provides an opportunity for members to connect with their community, and a platform to show ‘the camaraderie and entrepreneurial spirit that are alive and well within small business communities around the world.’

Jill and Graham Boswell (Snapshot, Hamilton NZ) are marrying Global Open House with the official opening of their brand new photo services-oriented store. (Which PhotoCounter will report on in a separate story.)

‘I made it my 100-Day Challenge to become mobile friendly,’ Jill told PhotoCounter.

‘We are tagging the Snapshot grand opening as an IPI Global Open House event and making use of the IPI Open House marketing materials and checklists.

‘It will be also be our launch day for the mobile friendliness of our store – we will be offering free prints from phones without the need to be tethered to a kiosk. It’s all done through our mobile-friendly (Dakis) website and bypasses the kiosk,’ she explained.

Participants in the Global Open House, including Snapshot, will be featured in a webcast broadcast to IPI members from locations around the world. This is scheduled for Wednesday morning (Australia and New Zealand) October 28.

The Global Open House webcast is itself an ‘open house’: ‘Those digital, print, photo, signage, graphics and art professionals looking to join or partner with a like-minded community of local, independent business owners that embrace a culture of sharing and innovation’ are invited to register for the webcast by clicking here.

IPI Member Network is a Friend of PhotoCounter. (In fact, a ‘Friend Indeed’!)

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