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Garricks Garbutt Camera House of the Year

The annual Camera House conference, held in Melbourne during The Digital Show, saw six people nominate for two vacant board positions, with Jon Paterson (The New CH, Lismore) and David Stallard (Stallards CH, Tasmania) elected to the Board.

Camera House chairman Lance Miller (left) presents Jame Murray with Nikon’s Supplier of the Year Award.

Jon Paterson and Mark Alderson retired by rotation and both made themselves available for re-election. Keith Bentley, Rick Pasquali, Gary Pitts and David Stallard also nominated.

In all, there were 112 delegates from the Camera House group and their major suppliers as well as overseas guests from Dakis, VSN360, ProMaster, Shutterbug Stores, and PhotoFixitPro.

The annual Camera House awards went to:
Adam Walters (Garricks Camera House, Garbutt) – Camera House Member of the Year
Nikon Australia – Supplier of the Year
Maxwell International Australia – Supplier Promotion of the Year.
John Ralph (John Ralph’s Camera House) – Outstanding Member of the Year and Photographer of the Year/ Joshua Shearer Award.

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