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Australia Post: ‘Your postcard’s in the mail’

Australia Post recently came up with an innovative new way to bring postcards into the digital age via a mobile app. But not without a hiccup – lately the postcards have been going on a holiday of their own, some reportedly taken months to arrive, if at all!

aupostThe Postcards App works by allowing travellers taking a photo from anywhere in the world to include a message and send it to Australia Post where it would be printed locally and mailed. Each postcard cost $1.99 to send in Australia and $2.99 to send overseas.

On paper it sounded like an ideal service that would surely beat international postal services, but apparently that is not the case.

One traveller told website Business Insider that he sent a postcard from Europe to a relative in February, and it wasn’t postmarked until May and then didn’t arrive until July.

Another reported that they sent several postcards from Europe in January, with only one arriving – postmarked on the same date.

Australia Post says the service is being updated.

‘We’re having some delays printing postcards for current orders. If you’ve ordered a postcard that hasn’t arrived, please contact us for a full refund’ states the Australia Post website, adding that all postcards have now been printed and dispatched.

The mooted upgrading will be completed by the end of the month, with the app currently unavailable for download.

(How much are they paying the guy that runs Australia Post. Just a tad over $5 million?)


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