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Affordable remote shutter/flash trigger system from Hahnel

Haldex is bringing the innovative Hahnel Captur system of remote shutter/flash trigger modules to Australia, with product available from next week.

CapturThe new Captur system is a sophisticated yet inexpensive solution for high-speed, time-lapse and long exposure photography which should appeal to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The primary Captur remote module range (for Nikon, Canon, Olympus/Panasonic and Sony) incorporates a transmitter and receiver, allowing photographers to trigger both camera and flash wirelessly.

Separate receivers can be purchased for multi-flash or multi-camera set-ups.

A Timer Module enables the Captur system to become a tool for time-lapse and long-exposure photography for capturing subjects like such as blooming flowers, changing landscapes, action shots, wildlife, star trails, etc. Programmable features include a self timer, interval timer, long exposure setting and exposure count. These settings can be used in any combination.

Captur-fruitThe Pro module adds a built-in motion, light and sound sensor to the system to trip the shutter remotely, and also has a socket to connect third party motion sensors such as pressure plates. There is also an IR module which can be set up to send a continuous IR beam to the receiver. It will then fire when the subject trips the beam.

The basic Captur module has an RRP if $120. Added receivers are $59.95. The Timer Module is $79.95, while the Pro Module, which includes timer and the IR system, is $179.95.

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