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Hähnel power products to CR Kennedy

CR Kennedy has been appointed distributor for Hähnel  power products, replacing long-term agent, Haldex.

CapturCR Kennedy will assume responsibility for Hähnel from July 1.

‘The Hähnel Family would like to thank everyone at Haldex for their help over the past years; but it is time for a fresh approach into the market,’ the joint Hähnel/CR Kennedy press release stated.

Hähnel is a leading manufacturers of power products for camcorders and digital cameras, with over 50 years in business. Hähnel has an excellent reputation in R&D and a heritage of supplying quality,  well-designed products into the photo specialty channel.

Its latest release, the Hähnel Captur system of remote shutter/flash trigger modules was announced last month. Hähnel offers a comprehensive range of batteries and chargers for popular digital cameras, along with battery grips and remotes.

‘CRK with over 80 years in business as Australia’s foremost distributor in the imaging
market, looks forward to adding its logistical and market expertise to ensuring great
success for Hähnel in Australia and profitability to our retail partners,’ the press release stated.

‘In the case of Hähnel and CRK in the Australian market, one and one equals three.’

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