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Short Exposures: June 20

EOS-M gets new zoom…Coolpix A gets firmware updgrade…EOS cameras get new software…Canonised camera cleanliness…

New 55-200mm for EOS-M
Canon has announced a fourth lens and first telephoto zoom for its mirrorless interchangeable EOS-M, the EF-M 55-200mm f4.5-6.3 IS STM.

The EF-M 55-200mm expands EOS-M focal lengths from 11mm-200mm. The new lens weighs 260g and is 87mm in length. It’s will be available in Australia in July.  How much? Who knows. It’s 330 quid (around $600) in the UK.

Coolpix A firmware upgrade? 
There are overseas downloads of a Nikon Cooplix A firmware upgrade which offers some real improvements.

The firmware update to version 1.11 delivers the following benefits:
– Non-macro autofocus now goes down to 1’ (30cm) from the previous 1’8” (50cm);
– Autofocus speed has been improved in scenes with high contrast:
– The focus area indicator has been changed to white:
– The camera consumes less power while using the Intervalometer.

It’s probably somewhere on the local Nikon site, but after 15 minutes ferreting about other matters became more important. It can be downloaded form the Nikon Europe site here.

EOS software updates
Canon has announced release of updates to its Digital Photo Professional (DPP) and EOS Utility (EU) software, which will become available in late June.

Both updates will be available for the Windows and Mac operating systems and will be free downloads.

The updated DPP 4.0 software for editing CR2.RAW images delivers improved workflow efficiency and provides an expanded adjustment range for highlights and shadows, as well as enhanced basic functions.

New additions include an 8-axis colour gamut adjustment and an Auto function that automatically analyses the brightness and darkness balance of a histogram and adjusts the tones or luminance of an image accordingly. An updated graphical user interface supports the ability to display up to 10,000 image thumbnails at a time (Jesus!) and view selected images for comparison in the preview window, as well as assign ratings to images.

The upgraded EU 3.0 allows users to connect a camera to a computer via a USB connection or Wireless File Transmitter for remote adjustment of camera settings and to support image transfer and capture. EU 3.0 integrates with DPP 4.0 to allow users to select and compare images, making it easier to choose the best shot, make slight adjustments to camera settings and reshoot scenes.

Check Drivers and Downloads pages in the Support section of Canon’s website for more information.

The Canon path to camera cleanliness
CanonCanon US has released a short video on camera maintenance in which ‘Holly from the Call Centre’ delivers useful if basic instructions on keeping interchangeable lens cameras in good condition. Though it’s a very red and white production, it’s equally applicable to other camera brands. The list of Don’ts – such as not using paper towels or tissues, don’t touch the sensor – are possibly more valuable than the dos. Particularly appropriate for those pulling the ol’ DSLR out of the closet or camera bag after a while out of use.   

To view the video, click here.


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