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New local CSC Guide released

‘Today, the differences between DSLRs and CSCs (mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras) are largely irrelevant,’ states Margaret Brown in the introduction to her Compact System Camera Guide – and given the recent surge in sales of this new breed of cameras, Australian enthusiasts are tending to agree with her in large numbers!

CSCFrom their introduction around three years ago, CSCs now account for more than 20 percent of the interchangeable lens camera market, and according to GfK (as reported in Photo Counter) this new lightweight, compact version of enthusiast camera experienced 40 percent growth in the last 12 months, while sales for ‘traditional’ DSLRs remained static.

So this latest in an extensive series of hard copy and ebook handbooks authored by Margaret Brown, the most authoritative reviewer of cameras and lenses in Australia, arrives at an time when interest is high, and objective, reliable information and advice not that easy to track down.

With a range of models to suit everyone from snapshooters right through to professionals, the CSC category is extraordinarily broad. While with DSLRs, quality (and cost) is more readily associated with weight and bulk, this isn’t necessarily the case with CSCs, and potential buyers need to understand the performance capabilities hidden behind those elegant compact bodies, and match them to their own requirements.

The Compact System Camera Guide first explains the fundamental design differences between DSLRs and CSC cameras, and provides vital advice on how to choose a model to suit your specific application and skill set.

One thing which doesn’t change no matter what the type of camera is the critical relation of lenses to image quality, and this is perhaps even more of an issue with CSCs, as some models have a more comprehensive compatible lens range on the market than others.

The same applies to accessories  – flash units, camera bags, waterproof housings, even optional viewfinders for some models.

The guide moves on to providing ‘how-to’ advice on all aspects of picture-taking, and how to harness the unique qualities of CSCs. Handy tips on everything from shooting modes, framing, focusing, sensitivity, colour controls, and video recording, right through to editing and sharing your photos.

It’s richly illustrated, and there are plenty of easy-to-understand diagrams and charts to assist readers.

Media Publishing is looking for stockists for the new guide and is offering Photo Counter readers a low minimum order – just 5 units – at a decent margin. Contact David O’Sullivan at:, 02 9948 8600

On sale details:
Compact System Camera Guide
Author: Margaret Brown
Print Edition
RRP: $19.99 (inc GST)
Size: A5, 80pp, perfect bound
ISBN: 978-1-922156-18-1
Available from

Ebook Edition:
RRP: $9.99 (inc GST)
Format: epub, mobi, PDF
Read on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle, tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC or Mac
ISBN: 978-1-922156-19-8
Available on Apple (July), Amazon (by June 30), and (available 24 June)

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