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New guide on nailing those travel shots

A fully-updated second edition of the Travel Photography Guide, from the publishers of enthusiast magazine and website Photo Review Australia, is now available.

travel-photography-2nd-edn-cover_web320The Travel Photography Guide would be a great addition to any camera bag. Travellers rarely get the opportunity to return to get a better shot, so it’s important to have the right technique and the right gear for what might be a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

The 104-page, A5 booklet first looks at the best cameras, lenses and other accessories for photographers on the move. The right compromise between weight, camera performance and budget is at its most critical when travelling. This little pocket guide first addresses what’s essential and what’s merely ‘nice to have’ when you are on the road.

Travel Photography teaches you how to let your photos tell the story; the best positions from which to shoot and the best angles, and the right settings to capture the essence of the places you visit.

The guide devotes a separate chapter to the various forms of travel photography: landscapes and scenery; cityscapes; people (including some pointers on the etiquette of street portraiture); fireworks and light shows; close-ups; and birds and animals in both natural and captive environments.

Travel Photography also provides advice on how to manage image files as you travel. It gives you the important facts on memory cards and storage devices, with tips on posting to the cloud and social networks while you’re on the move.

The Travel Photography Guide is written by Margaret Brown, technical editor of Photo Review Australia. Margaret has been writing on photography for more than 30 years. She is author of all volumes in the popular and extensive Photo Review Pocket Guide series, and the Australian Consumer Association’s Choice Guide to Digital Photography.

The Photo Review pocket guides are unique in that they are written by an Australian for Australian photo enthusiasts and hobbyists. Other recent releases include a Low Light Photography Guide, an Action Photography Guide and buying guides for Lenses, for CSCs and for SLRs.

Ebook Edition
RRP: $9.99 (inc GST)
Format: pdf, epub and mobi
Read on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle, tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC or Mac
ISBN: 978-1-922156-25-9
Order and instant download at Photo Review’s online bookstore
Print Edition
RRP: $19.95 (inc GST)
Size: 104 pages, A5, perfect bound
ISBN: 978-1-922156-06-8
Order the print edition at Photo Review’s online bookstore

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