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Lexar announces three new storage products

Lexar has announced a trio of new storage products: a 128GB microSDXC UHS-I card; a Lexar JumpDrive M20 Mobile USB 3; and a three-slot microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-I reader.

128GB_microSDXC_633x_w_3.0ReaderThe Class 10 128GB Lexar High-Performance microSDXC UHS-I card (633x) comes with a USB 3.0 reader and allows for high-speed file transfer of photos and videos from the card to a PC or Mac.

It is available in October at an RRP of $126.74. There’s a limited lifetime warranty for the card and one-year limited warranty for USB 3.0 reader

The M20 is a 2-in-1 micro USB 3/USB 3 device. The new drive allows users to easily transfer photos, playlists, videos, and other files with On-The-Go (OTG)-enabled Android tablets or smartphones without the use of cables or Wi-Fi. It will be available in October at RRPs of $15.77 (16GB), $26.63 (32GB), and $48.58 (64GB).

The new three-slot micro SDHC/microSDXC UHS-I reader is part of Lexar’s Professional Workflow line. It quickly transfers large media files – from three cards at once if required.

Designed for professional photographers and videographers, the reader is a great option for offloading data for extended shooting. When populating all four bays of the customisable Lexar Professional Workflow hub, users can quickly move files from up to 12 cards at once.

Video files that sports camcorders and aerial cameras capture are typically extremely large, and it can take a significant amount of time for users to offload content once shooting is complete. This new three-slot reader cuts down the waiting time, letting users automate the process of transferring files through concurrent downloads and ultimately view, edit, and share their content much faster.

It is compatible with both the Professional Workflow HR2 (Thunderbolt 2/UBS 3.0 reader and storage drive hub) and Professional Workflow HR1 (USB 3.0 reader and storage drive hub).

The new reader will be available in October 2014.

The Lexar Professional Workflow line also consists of a selection of other memory card readers, including SDHC/SDXC UHS-I, CompactFlash (CF), XQD, and CFast 2.0, as well as two storage drives offered in 512GB and 256GB capacities. All products are sold separately, making it easy for users to create a custom setup specific to their unique workflow needs.

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