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Lexar to launch portable SSDs

CES_dinkusLexar used last week’s CES event as a platform to launch and array of memory products ranging from super fast microSD cards through to its first portable SSDs.

The new Lexar portable SSDs are accepted by the clever little Profesional Workflow 'hubs';can be used with the clever little
The new portable SSDs are accepted by the clever little Lexar Professional Workflow ‘hubs’, along with virtually all memory cards and flash drives, to create a compact, high speed, solid state, desktop file transfer and storage system for photographers.

Lexar’s announcement of affordable external SSDs (solid state drives) is particularly noteworthy. SSDs are the ‘next big thing’ in external storage, providing a combination of durability, portability, and speed to deliver dramatically improved productivity. Unlike external hard disk drives, there are no spinning disks or other moving parts. Instead, SSDs are an elaborate form of flash memory (a la memory cards and sticks).

There is an opportunity with SSDs for photo retailers to move further into the storage solutions market for professionals and photo enthusiasts (in this humble scribe’s opinion!).

The new SSDs are also compatible with Lexar’s unique Professional Workflow hubs (above right), for a compact, high speed, solid state, desktop file transfer and storage system.

In order of relevance to photographers and photo retailers the new products are:
1800x_Pro_microSDXC_64GB_EFS– Lexar Professional 1800x microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-II cards with read transfer speeds up to 270MB per second.

Designed for sports camcorders, aerial camera, tablets, and smartphones, the new microSD cards leverage Ultra High Speed II (U3 technology) to provide faster capture, play back, and transfer of high-quality videos and photos.

The lightning fast cards deliver high-speed capture of extended lengths of 4K, 3D, and 1080p full-HD video and high-quality images.

Included ‘in the box’ is a microSD UHS-II USB 3.0 reader for high-speed file transfer, and a SD UHS-II adapter for easy transfer between devices.

Based on internal testing, Lexar Professional 1800x microSD UHS-II card users can offload data up to nine times faster with the microSD UHS-II USB 3.0 reader than when transferring content using traditional sports camcorders and accompanying USB cable.

As with all Lexar Professional cards, a lifetime copy of Image Rescue software is included to recover any lost or deleted files, and each card is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Professional 1800x microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-II cards are backwards compatible with UHS-I devices, performing up to the maximum threshold of UHS-I speed capabilities, as well as non-UHS-1 devices, performing at Class 10 speeds.

No local pricing as yet. US MSRPs are US$79.99 (32GB), US$134.99 (64GB), and US$269.99 (128GB).

Portable_SSD_SlateThe Lexar Portable SSD delivers a high-speed storage solution for professionals requiring the ability to quickly store and access data on the go. The compact and durable portable solid state drives have read transfer speeds up to 450MB per second (‘up to’ six times faster than traditional portable HDDs), making it easy to quickly access, drag and drop, or back up photos, movies, music and other files.

The Lexar Portable SSD features an LED capacity meter to easily gauge available storage space.

The SSDs will be available in 256GB and 512GB capacities at launch.

‘Driven by the demand for quick, easy, and mobile access to content, SSDs are being recognised as a key supplemental storage solution for everyday use by professionals across industries, including photographers and videographers,’ said a Lexar spokesperson.

The Lexar Portable SSD comes with a limited two-year warranty. All Lexar product designs undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs, facilities with more than 1100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability.

The Lexar Portable SSD will be available by the end of March. No local pricing, but  US MSRPs are US$149.99 (256GB) and US$249.99 (512GB).

lexar-jumpdrive-c20i-128gb-image-nlThe Lexar JumpDrive C20i flash drive features two connectors –  Lightning and USB 3.0. The new flash drive is designed for the iPhone or iPad and lets users easily offload content, add storage, back up files, and charge iOS devices on the go, with no battery or network required.

According to research by Magisto, iOS mobile device users capture an average of 182 photos each month.

The JumpDrive C20i flash drive offers USB 3.0 performance with read speeds up to 95MB per second and write speeds of 20MB per second. It enables users to automatically and securely sync photos and videos, as well as back up files, with the use of a free file management app from the App Store. It is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices and is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities.

It comes with a three-year limited warranty and has been thoroughly tested at the Lexar Quality Labs to to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability when used with a vast array of devices.

The JumpDrive C20i flash drive will be available in Q1. No local pricing, but US MSRPs are US$34.99 (16GB), US$49.99 (32GB), US$69.99 (64GB), and US$99.99 (128GB).

The Lexar JumpDrive S45 USB 3.0 flash drive features a low-profile, ‘plug-and-stay’ design and allows users to quickly and securely store and transfer photos, videos, and files between devices like laptops, TVs, and in-car entertainment systems. The Lexar JumpDrive S45 USB 3.0 flash drive leverages USB 3.0 performance for read s peeds up to 150MB per second and write speeds of 45MB per second.

The Lexar JumpDrive S45 USB 3.0 flash drive is available in a range of colours: orange (16GB); blue (32GB); teal (64GB); and black (128GB). Each JumpDrive S45 includes EncryptStick Lite software, an advanced security solution with 256-bit AES encryption to help protect essential files against corruption, loss, and deletion.

No local pricing as yet but US MSRPs are US$8.99 (16GB); US$12.99 (32GB); US$22.99 (64GB); and US$34.99 (128GB).


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