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ID Station links to NZ Passport Office, POS systems

Brands Australia has announced an update to their biometrics passport photo system, ID Station, with the new version 6.5 having the the ability for Direct Capture, web link through to the New Zealand Passport Office website for electronic photo processing, and options to integrate with retailers’ POS systems.

ID Station runs each photo through over 30 specification tests to determine if the photo will be suitable for a passport

The introduction of Direct Capture capabilities to ID Station allows the unit to be  customised into large government organisations or corporate environments to enable a complete ID Photo solution that integrates within their business.

ID Station Direct Capture technology is currently being used with the Canadian Visa/Passport office, the US Green card program and similar organisations throughout Finland and Holland.

As member of the Biometrics Institute, Brands Australia has been working closely with the
New Zealand Passport Office and can now confirm that all ID Stations with version 6.5 will be shipped with a Direct Capture link for New Zealand passport photos. This will allow retailers to take a customer’s New Zealand passport photo and upload it directly from the ID Station to the NZ Passport Portal, making the process for New Zealand passports easier than ever.

Together with Direct Capture, ID Station now has the ability to be customised and integrate with retailers’ point of sale systems, streamlining the processing of passport photo orders and allowing retailers to have a fully integrated solution. Organisations such as the National Sports Federation of Finland and Dutch Telecom are currently operating fully integrated ID Stations with their POS systems.

Retailers who already have the ID Station offered by Brands Australia will receive the version 6.5 update free of charge and will be rolled out into stores from June 1.

Direct Capture and POS integration both require a working WiFi internet connection.

The ID Station features ICAO Biometrics Software Technology and runs each photo through over 30 specification tests to determine if the photo will be suitable for a passport. This is done all before the photo is printed to reduce wastage, and a compliance certificate can be printed off and submitted with your passport application to reduce photo rejections.

More information is available from the Brands Australia website or by contacting customer service on 1300 728 606.

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  1. PG PG May 9, 2013

    Good luck, I am sure that they have software that determines, hair colour and facial tones that determines what actual colour tone that you should apply to individual NZ online passport photos to make it acceptable to a flaky NZ system. Get it wrong and it will make wild claims like mouth open, glasses on despite the opposite being true! I will be interested to see how it links as it is just a part in the process that the individual does for themselves online when processing an application.

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