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ID Station Gen 2 launches

Brands Australia has announced a second generation of the ID Station passport photography package – ID Station Generation 2, with customised direct capture and system integration, as well as full email ability in each country’s template.
pro-1‘This (direct capture) is particularly important, as industry trends are leading toward online passport processing and record-keeping and more stringent security standards,’ noted Brands Australia managing director, John Rule,

Working closely with government and standards bodies, ID Station created a ‘Biometrics Business in a Box’ system – which it says is the first ever package that provides everything required to take International Civil Aviation Organization-compliant passport photographs.

The latest ICAO standards for biometric passport photographs are both intricate and exacting, and have been adopted worldwide to boost passport security through system integration. The new ID Station package responds to the new era of high-level security with a simple software program that ensures each photograph meets the ISO/ICAO criteria. ID Station has been designed to be compatible with biometric border control Smartgate technologies to ensure complaint database enrolment images.

Brands Australia has also been working with the New Zealand Government to develop ID Station’s capabilities to conduct online renewals for NZ visa applications via direct capture integration. There are expectations that the Australian Government could also introduce direct capture for passport photos.

‘The ID Station system is ready and capable for implementation and is the only system on the market with direct capture capabilities with a national presence,’ said John Rule.

Features and functions
– Compatible SLR camera with WiFi capability;
– Touch screen system loaded with biometric checking software;
– Roll printer, background lighting with slave flash unit;
– Retractable backdrop (optional);
– Point of sale flags and posters. (Illuminated signs and footpath stands optional);
– DFAT Passport regulation information.

A picture is taken and transferred through WiFi to the system, and the operator is able to select from many print options and also create and modify print templates and customer logos. The photograph can be printed with just one click once it has been approved by the system. The ID photograph can also be saved to file, disc, DVD, USB stick, memory card or e-mailed and integrated to any Government or Corporate ID programs.

John Rule said ID Station has run direct capture integrations with the Canadian Visa / Passport Office for US Green Cards, as well as similar programs with Finland, Denmark and Germany.

‘We have been working with the National Sports Federation in Holland and Dutch Telcom to integrate into POS Systems,’ he added.

A new wireless camera controller (CamFi) has been integrated into ID Station software and workflow. This becomes the default wireless mode for ID Station.
The CamFi controller will easily connect within a 50m range and works with all Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. It doesn’t require the internet or an existing WiFi network.

The controller will detect when a picture is taken and it will be transferred immediately to the ID Station tablet, ensuring a smooth and fast transfer every time an image is taken.

Brands Australia offers a wide-ranging support network, including telephone help desk and remote support via internet, technical support data, government data, point of sale and field staff training.

What’s in the (Biometrics in a) box?
– IDS Pro Large Touch Screen Tablet loaded with ID Station Biometric Software;
– Camfi Device ( to transmit images from camera to system);
– Dye-sub roll paper printer (Sinfonia);
– Keyboard & mouse, cables;
– POS material –“Biometric” posters, sidewalk stands & flags ( optional illuminated signage);
– DFAT checker gauge and data
– Full training & installation

In addition, retailers have the option of:
– Canon EOS 1300 D SLR with 50mm lens;
– Pull down backdrop;
– Background slave flash & stand.

Cost of the ID Station Generation 2 ‘Biometrics in a Box’ system ranges from $4995 to $6995.

To access the brochure: id-station-generation-2




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