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EISA shares the love

Each year two organisations called ‘TIPA’ and ‘EISA’ name their top photo products in a range of categories.

EISA stands for the ‘European Imaging and Sound Association’ and ‘is the unique association of 50 special interest magazines in audio, home theater, in-car electronics, mobile electronics, photo and video, from 20 European countries.’

TIPA stands for ‘Technical Image Press Association’ and represents a group of (mainly) European photo magazines. (The TIPA awards possibly have more credibility as they are made by specialist photo magazine editors. But who knows?)

Following the announcement of both sets of awards, award-winning camera/lens/accessory companies issue a plethora of individual press releases focussing on the category in which they won. These are indiscriminately snapped up by websites hungry for free and easy content. Photo Counter‘s policy is to simply run the full list of winners. It’s questionable whether these awards are worth one story, let alone a series of them.

So, the EISA Photo Category award winners for 2013/14 are:


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