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Digital Show: Strong seminar program open to all

Leading professional photographers and lighting experts will present a day of free seminars open to all at The Digital Show on Friday, May 25 at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

James Madelin, Enlight Photo.

The talks are located in the ‘Training Camp’ theatre on the show floor, and will run from 11am until 4pm. Seats are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and will open with a presentation by Graham Monro and Abraham Joffe on shooting professional video with a DSLR. The pair will present shooting tips, advice on how to ensure quality audio and how to tackle the important aspect of storytelling. Sponsored by Canon.

As an award-winning wedding photographer, Nick Ghionis will share his secrets with his peers. Sponsored by Nikon.

James Madelin is a former pro photographer and is now principal of Enlight Photo and creator of the Orbis flash system. He will demonstrate creative lighting with a single flash. Sponsored by Kayell.

Current Landscape Photographer of the Year, Christian Fletcher, will unsurprisingly, talk about shooting landscapes. Sponsored by L&P.

‘Every month someone develops an new idea or approach that refines photography just that little bit more. It is these refinements that keep it exciting for me. Sometimes it can be frustrating, sometimes depressing, but it is always rewarding if you work hard and want to succeed,’ he said.


Award-winning portrait and conceptual fine art photographer Vicki Bell, will focus on the final print, ‘the platform or stage for my imagery to exist on, for all time and beyond my lifetime.’ Sponsored by Epson.

Entrance to these talks and the show floor is free, but only to those who have either a free pass from their supplier or have pre-registered at .

Alternatively, access to the show and the seminars can be obtained by paying $20 at the door.


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