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PICA has IDEA, appoints new staff

After a ‘formal unanimous’ vote at its annual general meeting last weeek, the Photo Imaging Council of Australia (PICA) has announced its transition to a new organisation, to be known as the ‘Imaging & Digital Entertainment Association‘ (IDEA).

‘A “formal” vote is where a polling of the members takes place with proxies counted at an AGM and not an ordinary meeting,’ explained PICA/IDEA’s Paul Curtis.

The AGM was attended by 15 – 20 people including the board and staff members, and lasted for around 15 – 20 minutes.

Additionally, the newly-minted association has announced the appointment of Kathleen Singson (pictured right) ‘as a special consultant to manage the transition’.

Paul Curtis will remain in his current role, recast  from executive director to CEO, until the end of June next year – ‘while the organisation completes the transition process’.

He will continue to draw a salary for the following two  years ‘in a reduced capacity’.

Ms Singson will report to Paul Curtis. Initially – and with some fanfare – PICA announced it was seeking a new general manager. It’s understood Ms Singson will assume more responsibilities when Mr Curtis leaves the CEO’s role.

‘All positons are being reviewed,’ said Mr Curtis.

Mr Curtis declined to confirm if Ms Singson’s new role was a full- or part-time one: ‘Katherine is a special consultant and the time allocated will be to meet the demands of the tasks ahead,’ he replied instead.

The change in name and constitution, according to the IDEA announcement, ‘allows the organisation to serve a wider range of digital product importers and distributors’.

‘This is not just another routine name change,’ said new IDEA president Dave Marshall, serving his third consecutive term at the helm . ‘It marks a clear turning point where as an industry we reposition ourselves to be in the strongest position to grow the digital business for all. To assist IDEA in this process, we are increasing our team and we have been very fortunate to secure the consultancy services of Katherine Singson.’

Katherine Singson, an American, initially worked in California’s Silicon Valley, for several start-ups, turnaround projects and established brands including Next Computer, Apple and Pixar Animation Studios.

After some time in Europe,  she has spent the last few years in Australia ‘focusing on the X-Box business for Microsoft Corporation’. She has experience in consumer marketing, public relations and strategic partnerships.

‘We’re thrilled to have someone of Katherine’s calibre join our organisation during this crucial stage,’ said Mr Curtis. ‘Katherine brings a relevancy, energy and passion that I know will be key ingredients to moving our association and the management of The Digital Show to a completely new level.

‘We are out to make this event the most outstanding sales driver of all times for our industry and as we move to use new communication technologies that go way beyond the show just being a three-day event, Katherine’s experience will be invaluable.’

The meeting also elected the following board members of IDEA: Clem Kennedy, CR Kennedy(Treasurer); Rob Gatto, Kayell (Vice President, Professional); Jason McLean, Canon; Bruno Turcato, Epson; James Murray, Nikon; Clyde Rodrigues, Kodak; Marc Radatt, Olympus; Bruce Pottinger, L&P;  and Richard Bailey, HP.

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  1. robbo robbo December 2, 2011

    I wish the newly-named association well in the face of a very difficult, if not turbulent time ahead.

    Having been involved in sales and marketing for over 40 years one thing i learnt very early – there are no new “ideas”.
    Good luck and I look forward to the Melbourne show.

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