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One for the camera bag – or iPad

August 11, 2011: Mastering Digital Photography is the first publication in the ‘Pocket Guide’ photo tip series to be available as both an eBook and hard copy.

The new guide, from the publishers of Photo Review Australia enthusiast magazine and website, covers all the basics of good photography, providing a comprehensive resource written for beginner to mid-level photographers.

In addition to the A5 print edition – perfect for the camera bag – the ‘Reflow eBook’ edition is available on the Apple iBookstore and Amazon Kindle.

Reflow eBooks have been adopted as the global standard by book publishers, readers, and the makers of mobile devices including Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android-based tablets and smartphones.

Text and images ‘re-flow’ automatically to suit different sized mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Kindle App, eReaders, tablets and smartphones. Books can be read in horizontal or vertical format simply by turning the device side-ways and the text and images will automatically reflow.

The third edition of the Mastering Digital Photography pocket guide has been completely updated to reflect rapid recent changes in digital picture-taking and sharing technologies. It’s been written to help everyday photographers get more satisfaction from picture-taking by choosing the right equipment, understanding how to use it and making the best output decisions. The new edition also has added emphasis on online image storage and sharing.

The 64-page booklet starts at choosing the right camera and accessories through key camera settings and controls to ensure perfectly exposed photographs. It moves on to the printing process, surveying the best printer for the photographer’s needs and matching it with media that will provide attractive and long-lasting prints.

Mastering Digital Photography is a ‘plain English’ guide that’s easy to understand, with plenty of illustrations to make key points clear.

Author Margaret Brown is technical editor of Photo Review magazine and website and has been writing about photography for more than 20 years. Margaret has authored all 17 of the popular Photo Review Pocket Guide series, and the Choice Guide to Digital Photography for the Australian Consumers Association.

RRP is $14.95 for Mastering Digital Photography in booklet form and $9.99 as an eBook.

Retailers interested in stocking Mastering Digital Photography (which offers a margin of over 50 percent) or other titles in the Pocket Guide series can call Pauline Shuttleworth at Media Publishing 02 9948 8600 or

For more information, or to order an ebook, click here.

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