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First AgX duplex printer arrives in Australia

October 13, 2011: Kayell QLD has been appointed Australian distributor for DIMA-award-winning Prismlab minilabs, capable of duplex printing on silver halide paper.

Kayell QLD says the Prismlab machine currently operating at the Yeerongpilly, Qld premises of associate company RGB Digital, is the first in the southern hemisphere.

‘This machine gives “mum and dad’”minlab owners who don’t stand a chance of competing on cost against the likes of Big W and Harveys an opportunity to differentiate themselves,’ said Kayell QLD managing director, Paul Gilbert (pictured right).

He said that low-cost duplex printing opens up opportunities for photo books and albums, double-sided greeting cards, wedding invitations, calendars and postcards to both consumer and commercial markets.

An optional book binder is available for lay-flat binding.

The Prismlab PSD 18E is capable of printing to 12 inches width, with the option to print single-sided panoramic photographs up to 36 inches in length.

Chinese manufacturer Prismlab – with a background in the manufacture analog-to-digital conversion units for older minilabs – also offers printers capable of up to 16 inches width, for 16×20-inch duplex printing. It holds a US patent for the duplex wetlab technology.

Used as a single-sided 6×4 printer, the PDS 18E will output around 600 prints per hour.

The equipment uses the Epson Panda LCD exposure system. The 3.8-megapixel LCD unit makes nine separate exposures to create a high-res 12-18-inch print.

The double-sided paper for the Prismlab system is manufactured by Lucky. In addition to being coated with emulsion on both sides, it features an extra masking layer to prevent images on one side of the paper showing through.

The equipment will print other manufacturers’ single-sided paper, but requires the custom-made paper and chemistry from Lucky for duplex printing.

Kayell QLD says the Lucky doube-sided paper is roughly 1.5 times the cost of Kodak or Fujifilm paper from the authorised distributors. Cost of paper and chemistry is around $9/ square metre. The PSD 18E minilab is being offered by Kayell QLD on lease (‘less than $500 per week’) or for outright purchase at $99,000.

For further information or to book a demonstration, contact Phil or Andrew at Kayell QLD on (07) 3426 8200 or email – or visit the Kayell QLD website.

(Note: Kayell QLD is a separate business to Kayell Australia.)

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