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Yo Ho Ho!

December 16, 2010: We don’t know who ‘Robert Jag‘ is, but we are certain he has worked behind a camera sales counter, and we love his work!

Thanks to Tim Jones from Perfect Prints in Hobart for forwarding this link to an absolutely spot-on little series of comic animations looking at the kind of exchange one might happen upon in a camera store anywhere in the world, between a salesperson and today’s barcode-scanning, internet-savvy, price-of-everything, value-of-nothing-knowing customer.

From ‘I Want To Buy A Camera’: ‘Next week after you train me in how to use it I want to shoot a wedding and make lots of money’…’…I need you to sell it to me for $2999 because my iPhone says I can buy it at Amazon for that price with free shipping and no sales tax. And please give me a free memory card, too.’ – We are not alone!

The other two clips, ‘I Want To Buy A Rangefinder’ (Parts One and Two) turn the mirror onto the equally familiar technological one-upmanship of camera equipment salespeople, gently take the Michael out of Leica fans in the process (though not in a way that might offend the good people at Adeal!)

So thanks once again Tim, for taking the time in this busy season to share the fun, and Robert Jag, who is probably slaving over a hot photo counter somewhere in the US this week, before rushing around to his customers’ houses to take out their garbage and trim their Christmas trees.

Compliments of the Season from Photo Counter.

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